Monday Musings: E3 Predictions

Monday Musings: E3 Predictions

e3-convention-centreMy US colleagues gave their E3 predictions last week. Here are mine.

Before I start, I feel obliged to tell you I’m writing this post on Friday before I jet off to LA for the show. If any leaks happened between then and now, bear in mind I didn’t have the benefit of that knowledge when making these predictions.

Here goes:

1. Hideo Kojima will appear on stage at the Microsoft press conference.
2. But his new game will also be announced for PS3.
3. Sony will not reveal a slim PS3, nor announce a PS3 price drop.
4. But they will showcase a re-designed, UMD-less PSP.
5. Nintendo goes MotionPlus mad unveiling a host of new first and third-party games supporting the accessory.
6. Shigeru Miyamoto will dust off his Link outfit to show off a Wii Zelda title.
7. He also demonstrates Pilotwings for Wii, another MotionPlus-only game.
8. Microsoft announces a raft of social networking features for Xbox Live.
9. A Halo MMO is teased, but no gameplay is shown nor genuine details given.
10. Activision offers Xbox 360 gamers the exclusive Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta.
11. Gran Turismo 5 is given a 2009 release date – at least for Japan and North America.
12. Both Sony and Microsoft will tie up at least one third-party title as a timed exclusive.
13. Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is renamed simply Half-Life 3 and sweeps the Game of Show awards.

Lucky 13, I hope. How’d you rate my predictions?



  • I don’t think the first one will ever happen. I vaguely remember a quote from Hideo a year or two back where he expresses his distaste for western platforms/companies. The man won’t do it for personal reasons.

    I think I also read a rumour that he himself stopped MGS4 from being ported when MS was courting the company. The fact that Tekken 6 is coming over should be a strong indication that the company is open to it.

    Everything else seems plausible. Not sure about 13 though but wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

    • Well both your Logic and Facts are wrong buddie The chance of a Hideo kojima game featuring at the Xbox press conf just went up to about 88% in my books (whith them moving the press conference forward 5 hours if you ask me that screams timing related to Internation flights from japan) .

      Also the fact that Hideo Kojima did a hole Keynote at GDC about how he and his team is going to acept more western practices and streanths now that MGS4 is over.. even to the point of talking about Hardware and software options.. makes it pretty dam obviouse that hes releasing a multiplat game.. seeing as the hole reason for that keynote was to hype up the next metal gear.. and atract western designers/porgramers for it.

      Your living in the past man.. It was GTA 3 years ago Assassins 2 years ago Final fantasy last year and Metal Gear this year..

      Money = Exclusivity .. and Sony is all out of money.. they can bearly hold staff let alone Titles.

      • Sweet jesus dude, spell check now and then >_>

        I get money buys exclusivity, but its not the same when dealing with Japanese companies. There’s a significant cultural barrier that can’t be filled by simply throwing cash at it.

        Metal Gear *might* go multi plat down the track (after all, we already had a Metal Gear on the original Xbox) especially now that Hideo is no longer the go to guy for MGS, but I still maintain that nothing Kojima is attached to will swing our way. I’m willing to eat my hat if I’m wrong, but I’m 98% confident that my hat will continue to offer sun protection well into the next year 🙂

  • A good mix of predictions David!
    Expanding on a couple, do you think if there is indeed a Halo MMO it would be developed by bungie, or like Halo Wars Microsoft would have another developer take care of it?
    And with your Half life 3 prediction, does this extend to the game using an upgraded engine and having better graphics, considering that it is no longer an ‘expansion?’ Or will it be a standalone full game on the current engine.

  • I do think also that Hideo Kojima will have something to do with the microsoft press conference but at this stage i would think a 360 exclusive.

    Number 3 seems dead on as well and number 4 has already been confirmed so well done 😛

    Motion plus madness is a given and a zelda title 50/50. While pilotwings would be awesome i would of thought a fox mccloud game would come before that.

    Number 8 – i expect that they might announce a date for 1vs.100 and also start launching similar programs. I just doubt they will make it to Australia.

    Number 9 – Hmmm. I don’t think so. I believe that Ensemble or Free Radical or some out of bsuiness studio was meant to be working on that but i doubt an appearance or even tease at e3. Maybe a new halo project not an mmo?

    Number 10 – If there is no beta everyone dies 😛 Number 11 – Maybe late 2009/very early 2010.
    Number 12 – Most likely yes. Would like to see what they are 😛
    Number 13 – That would be one of the most fantastic things to happen at an e3 but i would say a 20% chance or lower for that one.

    Good overall predictions there David 🙂

  • On the money, I reckon. Number 4’s happened (I’m sure others have pointed this out already), though I’m genuinely surprised that it’s UMD-less.

    I wonder how PSP Go! (that is its title, right?) will play old UMD titles? How will retailers react if UMDs aren’t going to be on their shelves? Will UMDs be replaced with pre-paid cards to download titles? I guess we’ll have to wait until E3 to find out.

  • I like no.5 – except for the fact that the ‘raft’ of games you speak about will be nothing more than mini-game waggle-fests

  • I like your 13th speculation. All the rest had me ho-humming but if Valve decided to do this (and it seems like the right time for them to do it) then it will make me sit up in my seat.

  • Yeah, 13. How awesome would that be? Just writing ‘HL3’ gives me excitements.

    Re. 4) – Having seen those ‘leaked’ images, I’d be more inclined to buy one of these now.

  • 1 – I don’t think so. Just because the next timer stops then doesn’t mean there won’t be another timer that starts like the last few times. My bet is Kojima is screwing with everyone, he wants everyone to think it’ll come to the 360 because he’s a cheeky bastard. Think about it, it really isn’t beyond him, he is the king of hype afterall. Mgs4 hasn’t been ported yet, so why give up the ghost now? His distaste for the 360, coupled with fact they’d have to probably really lower the massive amount of content like they had featured in MGS4 to suit MGS5 on the 360… would Kojima really be happy with an inferior game?

  • ew. NO!
    no skipping Episode 3. It will abolish the Half-Life way!
    Announce the release date of Episode 3 but also announce the development of Half-Life 3.

    Thats better thinking! Half-Life 3, announced or not announced won’t be released til 2011.

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