Monday Musings: E3 Predictions

e3-convention-centreMy US colleagues gave their E3 predictions last week. Here are mine.

Before I start, I feel obliged to tell you I’m writing this post on Friday before I jet off to LA for the show. If any leaks happened between then and now, bear in mind I didn’t have the benefit of that knowledge when making these predictions.

Here goes:

1. Hideo Kojima will appear on stage at the Microsoft press conference.
2. But his new game will also be announced for PS3.
3. Sony will not reveal a slim PS3, nor announce a PS3 price drop.
4. But they will showcase a re-designed, UMD-less PSP.
5. Nintendo goes MotionPlus mad unveiling a host of new first and third-party games supporting the accessory.
6. Shigeru Miyamoto will dust off his Link outfit to show off a Wii Zelda title.
7. He also demonstrates Pilotwings for Wii, another MotionPlus-only game.
8. Microsoft announces a raft of social networking features for Xbox Live.
9. A Halo MMO is teased, but no gameplay is shown nor genuine details given.
10. Activision offers Xbox 360 gamers the exclusive Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta.
11. Gran Turismo 5 is given a 2009 release date – at least for Japan and North America.
12. Both Sony and Microsoft will tie up at least one third-party title as a timed exclusive.
13. Half-Life 2: Episode 3 is renamed simply Half-Life 3 and sweeps the Game of Show awards.

Lucky 13, I hope. How’d you rate my predictions?



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