Who Won Our Overlord II Competition?

overlord-minionsAnd more importantly, what were the ten winning limericks?

As you no doubt know by now, all last week we were giving away copies of Overlord II, the wicked new "evil 'em up" from Codemasters. We had five copies on Xbox 360 and five on PS3. Plus a set of four minion figurines for every winner.

We asked you to write a limerick, with the daily winners being the ones that best expressed your most nefarious Overlordly exploits. Eight of the winners were announced last week:

Monday's winners Tuesday's winners Wednesday's winners Thursday's winners

And now we can share with you Friday's winners.

Friday's PS3 Winner Brenton Pobjie At last the rhyming can end It was driving me round the bend I can slay who I like Do it all with a pike Or use limericks so their heads never mend.

Friday's Xbox 360 Winner James The Overlord, it is to be said; fills the hearts of all brave men with dread, but he holds a dark secret, he’ll do anything to keep it; the pink slippers kept under his bed.

I feel Brenton's entry provies a fitting conclusion to the comp!

Congratulations to all ten of you, we'll be in touch later today to arrange delivery of your prizes. And thank you to everyone who entered and made the comments thread in the original post so entertaining.


    Thanks again Kotaku, can't wait for those lil demons to adorn my monitor...

    Thanks again for running a great comp!

    Thanks, can't wait to receive my prize! Kotaku rocks :D

    Thank you :)

    You've gotta stop picking other people called James, I experience a brief moment of happiness followed by crushing disappointment each time. :p

    Thanks, can't wait to play it.

    and now the dissapointment sets in... lol

    Congratulations to all the winners - some of the winning entries were pure awesome!

    Now, if any of you get bored of the game, you know who to send it to yeh? :P

      Awesome. Looking forward to playing it! Thanks.

      Any idea when we should hear from Kotaku?

    Thanks once again and such.

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