All Of These Codemasters Games Are Yours For Just Over $6

Humble Bundles typically last a while, but this 're-bundle' of Codemasters games is a 24 hour only thing. So if you want to pick up a handful of games — including Overlord and Overlord II, plus games like DiRT 3, DiRT Showdown and a bunch of Operation Flashpoint games — you should probably get a shift on.

At time of writing there are about 19 hours left on the sale.

The full list of games available is as follows:

Overlord Overlord: Raising Hell DLC Operation Flashpoint: Red River Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Rise of the Argonauts

As always, you can pay what you want, but pay more than the average (currently $6) and you also get these games:

DiRT Showdown DiRT 3 Overlord II

Head to the Humble Bundle site for more info.


    Overlord is a classic. Get on that, anyone that hasn't played it.

      Worth double the full price just for Overlord 1 & 2.

    What kind of game is Overlord (I know I can do a search, but I'd rather get opinions from people here)

      Third person adventure, basic strategy elements through supplementary unit direction. Story and setting plays decent satire on the classic fantasy setting.
      It has been quite a while since I last played but it was a very enjoyable game at the time = it is definitely worth the asking price of $1 minimum.

      It's a bit like Pikmin only your armed too, your the Evil Overlord attempting to retake your lands back from the pesky good guys. Upgrade your castle, get a Mistress and send your minions out to wreak havoc. I also love how they gear up with whatever they find like watermelon and pumpkin helmets.

      Pikmin as played by Dungeon Keeper and written by Rhianna Pratchett (she doesn't properly follow through on the fantasy satire the way her dad does, and the ending for OL2 is terrible, but there is still a good sense of humour to them for the most part)

      And what most people forget to mention; a kickass 2P splitscreen mode where you can either compete (try to murder and pillage more than the other guy) or collaborate (think an Army of Two horde mode full of gremlins) - like Pikmin 2 it makes for a nice little bit of longevity if you still have mates for couch multiplayer :)

    Getting this just to try out the Overlord series. I have heard great things about it but never thought to pick it up.

    I know that Rise of the Argonauts is meant to be a bad GoW-alike but it looks so interesting.

      It is quite enjoyable. It's more like dragon age in a god of war setting though.

    fantastic, just got mine and let all my fellow employees know too :) Thank you Kotaku

    Just so you know, large parts of DIRT* 3 are broken on PC thanks to GFWL. Buyer beware.

    Last edited 15/07/14 12:21 pm

      Which? I've got it running fine.

        They may have fixed it (last time I played was just after Mayl), but you couldn't save or do anything for a while there.

        Last edited 15/07/14 12:54 pm

          Dunno, it worked fine for me on Win7 at launch, and it's fine on Win8.1 now. But GFWL is a POS so it wouldn't surprise me that some people are being blocked by it.

    Correction: $6 is not the average, it is a flat price beyond which the other games are available. The average at the time of my posting is less than $4, but $6 is still required for Dirt Showdown, Dirt 3 and Overlord.

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