LunchTimeWaster: Free Will

free-will-picFans of You Have To Burn The Rope will dig this.

Free Will is a platformer. It looks like yer standard run-and-jump side-scroller. Assuming yer standards include adorably primitive Game Boy era graphics.

But things aren't quite that simple. There's a few tricks up this pixellated sleeve. But I'll leave it to you to figure them out.

Free Will [Kongregate]


    The description reminds me of my horrible memories with Eversion.

    Alright, someones going to have to explain it to me. I play through, find the other chicken guy and then the credits roll playing again results in an instant replay with no variation.

    It's a cute game I guess, but I'm not seeing any of these tricks David mentioned or indeed where the free will business comes in.

      Think laterally you stupid fool. It's people like you that give me a bad name.

        At least you're man enough to admit it.

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