WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing PS3 And Ryo Figurine

WIN! Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing PS3 And Ryo Figurine

Sonic and friends – Tails, Billy Hatcher, Ai Ai, Ulala, Beat from Jet Set Radio, that guy from Samba De Amigo and more – launched their own kart racing game this week. Would you like to win a copy on PlayStation 3 along with a Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue figurine?

Thanks to Sega we have SIX copies of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing up for grabs this week. That’s three on PlayStation 3 and three on Xbox 360. Plus, all six winners will also get this limited edition Ryo on a forklift figurine.

Yes, believe it or not, Ryo and his forklift are in the game.

To enter, we want you to mine your knowledge of Sega characters and tell us who would win a kart race between: Sonic, Dr Eggman, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Alex Kidd, Akira from Virtua Fighter and Ryo Hazuki.

Leave your entry in the comments by midnight tonight (EDT) to be in the running to win the third and final copy on PS3. Don't forget to explain the reason behind your choice. The cleverest/funniest entry will win.

As usual, multiple entries are not allowed. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning when the new draw opens. If you miss out, you can re-enter tomorrow with a brand new entry.

Oh, and the winner of Thursday's 360 draw is Lexielab and her anagrammatically correct analysis.

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  • Easy Ulala
    Not only does she have a spaceship and thus has extensive knowledge of vehicles at high speed, but she also wears the least amount of clothing thus having advance aerodynamics on her side. Ulala can just about move her body in every humanly possible way and a few inhumanly possible and therefore can effortless avoid obstacles with a slide of her hips. She also has the Beauty factor making her a crowd favourite and can easily throw the rest of the boys off with a well placed flick of her hair or a sly wink.

  • *inserts Black Sabbath – Paranoid*

    The stage is set, the green flag drops!

    Ryo jams into first..

    Ulala stays in the last..

    Alex is about to blow!

    Ryo is dominating the race!

    Sonic powers up!

    Ryo is about to blow!


    Sonic jams into first..

    Ulala stays in the last..

    Sonic is dominating the race!

    Ryo is about to blow!

    LAST LAP..

    Ulala looks lost out there..

    Alex is about to blow!

    Sonic scores a first place KNOCKOUT!
    Ryo finishes second..
    Alex takes a weak third..
    Ulala is in another timezone..

  • Thanks for the prize. It was fun to do once I came up with the idea. The only problem now is when I fire up the game and find out that Sonic isn’t as immune to item attacks as I claimed…

  • Sonic the Hedgehog – why can’t he just share the hedge? Dr. Eggman has only ever been laid once! Ulala emits a pink aura, signifying she is full of groove energy! She’d be too busy dancing or ‘reporting’ on the race. Alex Kidd wouldn’t stand an 8-bit chance at winning a race in his Fantasy Mobile. Ryo Hazuki would be great other than the fact he is used to ‘Quick Time Events’, he wouldn’t be able to accelerate and turn at the same time!

    Therefore I suggest Akira Yuki and his Bājíquán skills would trounce the competition. He is also Jacky Bryants sidekick in this racer!

  • And they’re off! Sonic blasts off to an unbelievable start, then it’s Akira, Dr “Eggman” Robotnik, Alex Kidd and Ryo … wait what’s this! Ulala has failed to start! Her space ship has blown up in a puff of smoke and Eggman is laughing hysterically … Looks like foul play and a dose of bad news for the Space Channel 5 reporter! At the half-way mark now and Ryo is really struggling on the painfully slow forklift, what’s he waiting for … a Quick Time Event? Oh No! Akira’s caught up to Sonic with some very disciplined driving but the two have started battling it out, ramming each other and giving way for Dr. Eggman to take the lead! On the home stretch now and the field is right on Robotnik’s tail … LOOK OUT! Dr Eggman is dropping explosives from the back of his vehicle and … Noooo!! Sonic and Akira have been hit! But here comes Alex Kidd! He’s effortlessly jumping the explosives one after the other on his bike! UNBELIEVABLE! What a jump! He just cleared Dr Eggman’s vehicle and has taken the lead. Alex Kidd has won! The little guy from Miracle World has just won the Kotaku, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing special event!

  • I’m gonna go with Eggman pretty much because he’s the only one out of that whole group who is a competent scientist and he also has many large manufacturing facilities…he could build the ULTIMATE racing machine. And because Sonic has to use a car his speed is effectively reduced so Eggman’s engineering would win hands down!

  • Starting line…..
    Off at the sound of the gun….
    No-one in front of me….
    I can do this….

  • Sonic: What part of “He’s the fastest thing alive” don’t you understand? *Is given a kart*

    Sonic: …
    Eggman: HAHAHA! We’re on similar grounds, now boy! Your chances of winning have slimmed!
    Eggman & Sonic: … thats nice.
    Sonic: Am I alowed to run?
    Eggman: … No.
    Sonic: Sooo im basically screwed?
    Eggman: Yes.
    Ryo: Hey, Guys.
    Eggman & Sonic: Yes?
    Ryo: In the time you were talking, Akira and I have finished.
    Eggman: WHAT!? IMPOSSIBLE!?
    Sonic: So who came 3rd!?
    Ryo: Well, Ulala is on her way to the finish line now, and Alex is… enjoying his screen time…
    Alex: hahhh ahahhahaaaa hahaaaaaaa!
    Ryo: A tad disturbing…
    Sonic: Im so gonna come in third!
    Ryo: Doesn’t matter now, this is a Comment Competition.
    Eggman: A what?
    Ryo: Well, theres this typing guy, and he basicly made me come 1st and Akira in 2nd, so wha-
    Sonic: *comes in 3rd*
    Ryo: …
    Sonic: 😀
    Eggman: This is unbelieveable! Defeated again!
    Sonic: Well, ‘you’re too slow!’
    Akira: What is this I don’t-


    Ryo – 1st
    Akira – 2nd
    Sonic – 3rd
    Alex – 4th (for some reason =/ )
    Ulala – 5th
    Eggman – 6th (‘He’s too slow!’ =3)

  • Unfortunately the “Honourable” Michael Atkinson has gotten wind of this race and has slapped it with an R18+ rating and thus banning it for the following reasons –

    (1) This game promotes illegal street racing – players race in vehicles on surburban streets in order to win rewards and prizes.

    (2) This game promotes “Road Rage” – players in their vehicles are encouraged to violently taunt and damage other vehicles by any means necessary, which leads to point (3).

    (3) This game promotes littering – players are encouraged to throw objects from their vehicle at other vehicles.

    (4) This game promotes cruelty to animals – hedgehogs, foxes, monkeys and other animals are put behind the wheel of vehicles and are raced for entertainment.

    (5) This game promotes drug use – character “Sonic the Hedgehog” is quoted as being “full of speed” and character “Miles “Tails” Prowler” thinks he can fly.

    (6) This game promotes obesity – character Dr Eggman is obviously obese.

    (7) This game promotes fraud – “Dr.” Ivo Robotnik aka “Dr.” Eggman has no known PHD in any field from any university or college in the world yet is refering to himself as “Dr.” and not Mr. Eggman.

    (8) This game promotes dangerous use of Forklifts – playable character “Ryo Hazuki” races in a forklift.

    (9) This game promotes underage driving – playable character “Alex Kidd” is 14 years old.

  • Alex Kidd will win easily. For one, he has a giant fist, nothing beats a giant fist. Then when he finds enough money, he’ll buy a motorcycle and run over EVERYTHING, even his own kart! He’ll celebrate his victory by snacking on a riceball. The end.

  • Since I don’t really know these characters and haven’t played many of their games, I did a little background check on all of them.

    Character Rundown:


    Name: Sonic the Hedgehog (AKA – The blue furball whose been treading all over your flowerbed for 19 years)
    History: Has been stomping all over bad guys and starring in bad games for years but has never once used his hedgehog spikes on his back to stab is enemies.
    Pros: Fastest living creature but can’t beat Mario in the 100m sprint.
    Cons: Can’t race (We learnt that 13 years ago with Sonic R)

    Dr Eggman

    Name: Dr. Ivo Robotnik (AKA – He races with a fake I.D)
    History: Known for creating the most elaborate contraptions which get destroyed in a matter of seconds by that radical hedgehog.
    Pros: Actually has experience driving his complex, robotic vehicles.
    Cons: Can never beat Sonic.


    Name: Ulala (AKA – Dancing, Ray-Gunslinging space reporter)
    History: Dance, shoot, dance, shoot, grind with Michael Jackson, shoot, saves world?
    Pros: Flies a friggin’ spaceship (probably driven by dancing, good thing shes good at it)
    Cons: Has had more cameos in games than Space Channel 5 games.

    Alex Kidd

    Name: Alex Kidd (AKA – Not a Kidd anymore)
    History: Unknown, his last game was so long ago, it was unable to be found in the archives.
    Pros: He used to be Sega’s mascot.
    Cons: He is having a mid-life crisis(He is now 38 years old and drives a motorcycle).


    Name Akira Yuki (AKA – Not Ryu from Street Fighter)
    History: Really good fighter, unfortunately he has been thrown into Sega Racing, not Sega Smash Bros.
    Pros: He gets his race car driving friend to drive for him.
    Cons: His special involves him kicking his car, not sure if insurance covers that.

    Ryu Hazuki (AKA – Yeah, another Japanese guy)
    History: He was part of 2 of the greatest Sega games. They were so successful that no other games were made and we’ve never heard from him since today.
    Pros: He drives a Forklift, how cool is that!
    Cons: He drives a Forklift, unfortunately they only go up to 2km p/h.


    1st: Ulala – the only person with a space ship that can get to the finish line in 5 seconds.

    2nd: Alex Kidd – He wasn’t going very fast on his bike, coz he was just making bike noises with his mouth and trying to get lots of attention.

    3rd: Sonic – He ended up having to drag his car to the finish. He prefers the on foot method of racing, but we sure don’t thanks to Sonic R.

    4th: Dr. Eggman – He can never beat Sonic

    5th by default: Ryu – He’s still trying to finish the race in his forklift.

    Retired: Akira – After using his all-star move, he realized that kicking his car engine wasn’t going to give him any special power.

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