What's On Good Game Tonight?

Another great episode of Good Game lined up! Alright... I know I say that every week, but it’s hard not to get excited about what’s on offer.

* Get your stealth on with Splinter Cell: Conviction – I’m pretty sure everyone in the office has become hooked on this game over the last couple of weeks, and as a result we have a mammoth review to offer you.

* For the micro-managers, Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom should satisfy you with some top-down city-building action.

We visit the FIFA Interactive World Cup Qualifiers 2010 and bring you all the e-sports action with nail-biting coverage of the event!

We go backwards compatible and check out some of the games that have been remade, rebooted and re-released... when it works, and when it doesn’t.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm – and now also Good Game: Spawn Point (especially for younger gamers) on Saturday nights on ABC3 @ 7:25pm.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame Or if you miss them, watch higher quality versions on ABC’s iView service.

Til next week, Hex


    I can't believe my JB Hifi pre-order wasn't in stock :(

    Sounds like a great ep. I just got my Conviction pre-order today. A little late but it was absolutely amazing value. For $115 I got:

    -Splinter Cell Conviction X360
    -An LED Conviction torch
    -A comic book
    -Download content
    -Tom Clancy 10 year anniversary faceplate
    -20 cm Sam Fisher figure
    -Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Xbox demand game code -AND Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta invite


    I bet they rate something 7.5
    I bet 1 duck.

      I bet 8 or 9. It will have great gameplay with co op and story but be very short.

      Also its rubber chickens not ducks.

        1 : 1 settlers -7.5 splintercell -9

        they rarely go out of that range though.

    Hey Hex, any word on why there's no love for Yakuza 3 on GG? Would have thought it would have been reviewed by now :(

    jbhifi had a good deal for the collectors edition

    came with the col. edition (game, figure, soundtrack, extra content, future soldier beta) plus a torch plus preorder pack (chaos theory, behind the scenes dvd and comic book) and also they threw it double agent for the pc.

    I can't believe I'm stuck watching Masterchef tonight. I always seem to get hooked in by the media hype.

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