LunchTimeWaster: Free Fallin'

Falling Forever is the kind of game that you'll play for five seconds. During those five seconds you'll probably mutter to yourself something along the lines of, "why the hell did I click on this stupid link."

But then you'll give it another five seconds. You'll kinda get it. You'll give it another go, just for the hell of it. "Why not," you'll say. "I've got a couple of minutes to kill."

Flash forward five years. Your girlfriend has left you. You are subsisting on on Mi Goreng. You have a collection of fluff gathering in your belly button. You're afraid to clean it out in case there's a funnel web in there. You smell funny. You look funny. You have a beard that somehow connects to your chest hair. Even if you are a girl.

In short, I guess what I'm trying to say it... this game is quite addictive.

Falling Forever [Pixelante]


    I remember playing that hunted forever game by these guys and thinking how awesome it was... give that a try too Mark!

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