What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've spent the last two weekends, quite literally, watching my missus play Critter Crunch on the PS3. Yes watching. I hate Critter Crunch. I hate it so much. Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Packed to the Rafters - my missus has demanded I stop playing for all these shows and more. But nothing has dominated and decimated my potential gaming time like bloody Critter Crunch...

But this weekend I'm putting my foot down! I want to finish off Castlevania, despite the fact that the level design has constantly and consistently irritated me. I want to sharpen up my DMR on Halo: Reach. I want to tip my toes into Fallout: New Vegas and I want to get kicking with Vanquish.

Man - big weekend. Big dreams.

But you know what? I'll probably just spend the entire time watching my wife play Critter Crunch.

What about you guys? Any big gaming plans? Let us know in the comments below.


    well i'll be out all day tomorrow before heading off to Sydney for a few days, so hopefully i'll have a little time with Dead Rising, or maybe even pick up where i left off a while ago in War for Cybertron...

    Somehow i don't think i'll get any gaming done, though...

    Standard Reach fare for me. I'll probably do some dabbling in Minecraft - or at least watch my wife craft her little waterfall village - and I reaaaally should start playing some Dead Rising 2. I've had it a couple of weeks, but haven't really touched it yet. :(

    I'll be writing a reader's review of Kotaku Editor Gets Whipped on the PSN.

    Probably play some my player in NBA 2k11 and smash some medal of honor online.

    You should get your wifey into the pixeljunk games, they are far more entertainig to watch...

    Going over to the house of one of my wife's friends so I can play the Force Unleashed 2 demo. (They have a PS3, we have an xBox without Gold access.)

    It was her idea, and it seemed strange to me too.

      * Danger Will Robinson Danger *

      She is up to something, either a 'surprise' when you get there. It's just a demo to see what it is like so that should only take you 5 or 10 minutes. That will leave you plenty of time for a game of monopoly
      Or she just needs you out of the house

      As for the weekend I am not going to have much time. I'll probably chunk through another level of space siege and slip in a few matches of LoL.

        No, no, we're all going over there. It is, I suspect, a playdate for our same-age babies, a play-date for the mothers, and a play-date for the dads.

        Been a long time since I've had playdates organised for me. :)

    Might boot up New Vegas and play for about an hour...

    Need to finish off Dead Rising 2 and might give the online of MoH and KZ3 Beta a go.

    Fallout Newwww Vegas!! Hardcore Mode, already 5 hours in and am loving it. It's crack.

    Just hand her an iPhone with Plants vs Zombies installed. My wife has been addicted to it for weeks now and is happy to let me have the TV all to myself!

    This weekend I'm going to be playing Super Meat Boy (absolutely loving it so far) and some Dead Rising 1. I just finished Mass Effect 2 and all it's DLC so I'm also looking to resume something meaty from my pile of shame - maybe Metroid Prime 3 or BioShock 2.

      Wow, that is EXACTLY what I did, but with the computer version. You would be surprised how much more gaming you get done when your missus is addicted to PVZ!!

    Zeus remains undefeated as I desperately and unsuccessfully tried to wrap up my recent Olympian fracas this week. Finishing is less important than starting for me this weekend as Vanquish and Fallout NV shuffle GoWIII off the top of the stack. Alas the gaming weekend must be squeezed in around social commitments which may render me incapacitated until Saturday morn. I've already rationalised that the two games shall compliment each other, one being fast and frantic, the other slow and deliberate. They both have guns though and should either violent grey vision of the future sully my happy reserves Double Fine's Costume Quest can complete the weekend triad. Sleep, sunshine and socialising set to take a hit. Come Monday I'm going to need another weekend.

    Fallout: New Vegas is my weekend. Dipped my toes into it since tuesday (I VPN'd the activation, naughty me.), but I'm looking forward to really dedicating time to it, as I'm really enjoying it so far. Just made it to the strip last night, and it's where you really get a sense that what lies ahead of you is going to be *awesome*. Might even make a new character, just to see how the stip to the strip plays out differently from an opposite angle.

    Although I desperately want the Darnified UI mod from Fallout 3 to be ported to New Vegas, I forgot how fat and bloated the stock UI is, especially at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

      *Trip to the Strip. Sorry, my beard covers my keyboard, so I make the odd typo.

        Unacceptable, your name suggests you have a fist in your beard, and fists and un-.....fist and become a hand, hence, this hand can type for you.

        Fistbeard, the only way your name could get better is if it was Fistbeard McAwesome.

          I'd like to challenge any and all to try and come up with a better username than Fistbeard McTavish.

            You should see my Fistbeard character in New Vegas. I could be a smooth talking ladies man, or a sneaky ninja chick, but he / I / my split personality does one thing:

            PUNCH SHIT. All I've got is a cheap pair of clothes, a cowboy hat, and a gigantic beard. (I want a lumberjack outfit, might mod one in for myself)

            Screw Diplomacy. I've got my fists.
            Radscorpion? FISTS.
            Your herd of Brahmin are being killed? I'll punch the person killing them, Punch the brahmin, then barge into your house at night, collect your reward then PUNCH YOU.
            Pack of wild dogs? I VATS PUNCH THEM in the face when they lunge at me.

            Can't wait 'till I find a powerfist, then I'll be Powerfistbeard McTavish.

              Bahahaha. PowerFistBeard McTavish. Full of seven different types of win.

              Wow - he really DID just come up with a better username than Fistbeard McTavish.

              This is so awesome. May I suggest a catch-phrase, perhaps...

              Fistbeard McTavish: My fists, coming to a face near you soon.

                Hey, what can I say, There's something ridiculously satisfying and challenging about doing a pure fist build in Fallout.

                *Minor Spoilers*

                Meet up with someone in New Vegas.
                Fistbeard: "Give me one reason not to kill you"
                Man: "I'll give you 4 of them! Bodyguards! And they're packing more than the pea-shooter you smuggled in through the guards!
                Fistbeard: *Attacks him, and his bodyguards*
                Fistbeard: Yeah?? We'll I've got 2 reasons you're dead: Odin and Thor, and I didn't need to smuggle these bad boys in! They can never confiscate MY FISTS!
                *Proceeds to punch the crap out of the man, his 4 bodygards, A blackjack dealer, the receptionist and a slot machine*

                Sure, I went through a few stimpaks, but it was worth it.

                Even funnier seeing a butch, bearded man punch someone's head clean off in VATS slo-mo.

              In all seriousness though, I'm really surprised at how your character stats play into conversations more. You don't need to focus solely on increasing your speech skill to get ahead, there are times when your strength, agility, barter and even sneak can factor into conversations. Nothing like physically threatening someone and having them run away to hide. :D

              Powerfistbeard McTavish?

              There's your more-awesome name, mark!

              I'll have a shot, though!

              Steelscrote Simpson
              Gunface McGrady
              Chuloopa McChüpinson III

              ...shit.. i've run out...

              Let me think some more...

            Colonel Fistbeard McTavish?

              Senior Lance Corporal Fistbeard B McTavish III. The "B" Stands for "Bear".

    I've just done a mega upgrade on my PC.

    Bought all the parts over the last few weeks, suffered the pain of researching (and constant alt-tabbing at work) and finally, I plan to put it all together this weekend.

    I am very, very excited.

    Hey, maybe I'll even install Crys-

    *this post was interrupted as the author suddenly disappeared amongst a fit of excitement*

      When I replaced my nVidia 8600GT for a Radeon 5770 a few months ago, I bought Crysis on whim (it was $20 at EB), and then it broke my DVD drive!

      And by ":D", I mean ">:(". Apparently it was the DRM (issues with certain models and brands), and buying a new DVD drive ended up costing more than the game itself.
      So that was pretty great.

    Might I suggest a second TV (or $300 LCD monitor with HDMI) & console? Its the only realistic solution that doesn't involve nasty things like arguments, muder or worst of all SHARING!

      Oh and playing New Vegas for me too, gotta love having a gaming PC so I have a display to myself...

    Im going to log some hours into the MoH and Bioshock 2 multiplayer on PS3

    I've been smashing MW2 mostly because of how excited I am for Black Ops. Needless to say my weekend holds a fair bit of online multiplayer.

    WhiteJibbin is my PSN if anyone wants to join me! Say you're from Kotaku.

    Well I’ve been playing Rune Factory on the DS. It’s like Harvest moon, only with a lot more grinding. Other than that I’ll probably pick up EA MMA and Fallout sometime soon. EA doesn’t really look as good as the UFC game, but I may as well check it out.

    Fallout New Vegas is my game of the weekend :)
    With some mix of TF2 and LoL

    Well, I've got New Vegas and Professor Layton to play.

    But I'll probably also end up playing Halo Reach with friends as well.

    Hopefully have time for Borderlands, I picked up the GOTY yesterday.

    Continuing my push towards 2,000,000 cR in Reach to buy the Inclement Weather Armor Effect. I'm on about 700,000 at the moment.

    and no, I don't have Onyx Commendations from boosting Campaign... ;)

      Lol, I do. Target locator, Demon/Flawless Cowboy level restart glitch, daily challenges every day and a SHITLOAD of Gruntpocalypse grinding.

      The way I see it, I'm not gonna be parading my rank online to show what a "hardcore" and "dedicated" player I am... I just want the damn armour permutations!! =P

        I've been leaving my offline account running idle in forge for an hour at a time as I play TF2/Game Dev Story/ Minecraft/New Vegas.

        I'm a general grade 2 and It's working out great so far, I'll be the prettiest spartan of my LAN group :D

          Interesting. So, what, you just enter forge and leave it for an hour, then exit? How many credits do you earn each time? I'm guessing you don't get any more for staying longer? I might try this while I play Audiosurf for a break every now and then. =D Cheers!

      Damn dude, good luck. I know how irritating it was for me just saving up for Birthday Party at 200,000. I kept wanting to buy little things then having to put them off. 2,000,000 - damn.

        Thanks! :D
        So far I've only spent about 30,000 cR on a few chest pieces I like the look of and 2 extra helmets, but I'm usually rockin' the C.Q.B. I unlocked from Halo Waypoint

    Working tomorrow and got a dreaded family function on Sunday, so not much time for gaming for me, but every spare second will be dedicated to continuing my level grinding in Halo Reach. My goal is Brigadier so I can get the MJOLNIR Mk. V shoulder pads. Just hit Lt. Colonel last night!!

    Would have liked to have grabbed Vanquish, but I don't see myself getting the chance.

      You won't be getting them for at least a couple of weeks due to the level cap. But once it's lifted - bam! and the pads are yours.

        Lol, that's assuming I can attain 1,400,000 cR before the cap is lifted. Given that I only just reached Lt. Colonel (450,000 cR), I kinda doubt that. =(

        The only thing I'm worried about is that by the time I reach my goal, I might actually hate the game and never want to see it again. =P

    L4D2, Uncharted 2 and waiting for Enslaved to come in. Also, I think may go and pre-order Ghost of Sparta. Anyone know of any good pre-order deals? So far, I only know of EB, who have it for $50 and some DLC (it's not like the US however, who also get a documentary.)


    I'd like to be playing Fallout: New Vegas, but i'm desperately searching for a collector's edition (for PC). I'm stupid and I forgot to pre-order.

    *sigh* this always happesn to me. I pre-ordered the bioshock 2 and dead rising 2 collector's editions... and I can walk into any EB and still find copies on the shelves, but the one edition I DON'T pre-order sells out instantly.

    If anyone knows anywhere that has any i'd really appreciate it if you told me (i'm in victoria)

      I'm at work, so I can't check, site it blocked...

      But try GAME.co.uk... they were still taking pre-orders for the PS3 version just yesterday that I told a friend about and he picked one up.

        Yep, they had it. You're a lifesaver my friend!

          No problems... to quote someone I know...

          "CE buying fanboys have to stick together! :)"

          Even if you aren't a complete CE fanboy/whore like myself!

    I've got a gig on Saturday, and housework after that... so I'll only get to game on Sunday.

    But I'm planning on hammering my way through Enslaved, doing some more ODST and maybe Assasins Creed 2.

    like so many other people here, Fallout: New Vegas will consume my weekend
    but might switch it around with a little Resonance of Fate (PS3) and some of the 360 titles I want to clear (such as Assassin's Creed & Dead Rising) so I can get to their sequels

      Dude, DR2 is friggin tang as. I am hurting today from a 3am session last night after working 13hrs til 9pm, really good game with plenty of charachter and fun. Just remember to save regulary otherwise you will end up throwing some shit across the room.

    I've got PS3 in one room and the 360 in the other. Perfect for never having to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

    Fallout: New Vegas. Have the house to myself tonight, so a few brews and some pre-game steak are in order.

    Also might continue with Nier if I get a chance and the missus and I are going through Reach on legendary. It's shit, though, because your progress doesn't save mid-mission - you have to get through a whole mission for it to save. Shit and annoying.

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