LunchTimeWaster: Liquid Courage

I like it when games make me feel smart. Braid, for example, or Limbo. Liquid Measure 2 is a game that makes me feel smart, even though it's not necessarily that brain teasing. At least, not to begin with.

Initially at least, Liquid Measure 2 sounds criminally dull. You must move water from overhanging pipes into dishes of water. It's almost like a twist on those old school Pipemania-style games, whose mechanics were cut and pasted into the Bioshock hacking mini-games.

The twist is that you must juggle the flow of multiple water sources simultaneously, and this is tempered by the fact that you don't have to worry about time limits. It's a lot of fun, and makes you feel like a genius. This game strokes and caresses your ego, and that feels nice.

I had a blast, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep it open on my desktop all day, so if this is the last post on Kotaku today, you know the reason why.

Liquid Measure 2 [Newgrounds]


    I played this the other day, along with Continuity. i found Liduid Measure to be fairly straight-forward, despite the twisty pipe puzzles. i managed to clock off all the levels without much stress.

    i'm on the last level.

    Thinking thinking....

    I like it.

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