What Are You Playing This Weekend

Oh boy, oh boy. This weekend is the weekend that all married gamers dream of: my wife's going away on a weekend trip, so I have nothing to do but sit at home and catch up on my ridiculously prodigious pile of shame. But what are you guys playing this weekend?

I've got a bunch of things lined up. First, I'm helping organise a console Halo: Reach LAN with a bunch of my friends, which should be interesting, since it'll be my first time LANing Reach.

But asides from that I just got an early copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns, which I'm really excited about playing - it's on like, um… Monkey Pong (take that Nintendo). Seamus pinched my copy of Gran Turismo 5, so I won't be able to get started on that. Hopefully I'll also manage to finish off Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, which I'm in love with, but I've totally given up the ghost on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

What about you guys? What's the plan?


    Continuing Mass Effect, and getting some gears 2 multiplayer in with Live's free weekend.

    Also got counterstrike yesterday while it was on special, so i'll give that ta go too :)

      Mainly watching cricket, but I'll set up a monitor to play Need For Speed and Fable III, or simply more Super Scribblenauts and Miles Edgeworth on the DS.

      I only made minor progress on Miles Edgeworth last weekend because Super Scribblenauts is damn addictive, and the sort of game that works really well as a coop car game - you can ask the driver questions like "What item will protect me from the plague?", then test out their ideas!

      Also, I'm on the lookout for more NFS autolog friends to compare scores with, so please add Batguy to your list if you're playing on xbox 360!

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, New Vegas, and I'll probably kick myself into playing an RPG. Don't know what to play though, might Merge Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 with mods, and play through as a Wild Mage.

    >Combat Starts
    >Wild Surge
    >Gems everywhere!

    Still Gothic 3 for me! Such an epicly huge game! Even though it's my second play through, I'm still loving every minute of it! I'm probably only about 1/2 way through atm, and I've been playing it for a couple of weeks now! When I need a break, it'll be more Heretic for me I think.

    Too many games, I feel a bit overwhelmed and I've got 3 months off so I'm probably gonna spend the weekend catching up on cheesy & awesome action-movies I've missed over the last couple of years.

    ...any recommendations?

    Brotherhood MP, Black Ops MP, Reach, Feeling like starting Mass Effect 1-2 again.

    Busy Weekend :P

    I'm pretty sure that theft of GT5 is an offense punishable by death.

    You should probably warn Seamus...

    In regards to me. Fallout 3, Batman Arkham Asylum (trying to get 100%), Dogfighter, Poker Night at the Inventory, etc, etc, etc.

    These holidays are going to be AMAZING!

    More AC Brotherhood, maybe some New Vegas, might try out Castlevania, and my copy of Fable 3 finally arrived too. That said, there will be the inevitable Rock Band 3 sessions.

    If I get Assassins Creed Brotherhood in the mail today, then that. If not, I guess I'm gonna finish off Blops' campaign and play some online.. and try to finish God of War II.

    gonna be trying to finish Epic Mickey and a chunk of Gran Turismo 5 before the week is up for some reviews for aussie-gamer, also got some games on Steam to play if i have time as well as the DKCR preview in Melbourne on sunday, gonna be a busy weekend!

      Ooo... interested to know, how is Mickey? On a scale of 'meh' to 'game of the year'.

    My gaming has REALLYY slowed down. I have not played New Vegas in over a week, I have not played trials HD for 3+ weeks, I have not played minecraft in 2 weeks.

    I have been doing stuff around the house, built a retaining wall, gardening, cleared out a spare room which my son now owns for toys. The only gaming i have done is some Kinect games and iphone games on the train to/from work!

    First off, that damn Game Dev story. I am about 20 years into it already (have not had it for more than 2-3 days), i have won every award except the grand prize. A bit dissapointed that all of my games are hall of fame, even when i made an egypt educational game or a comedy sim?? I want more failures damn it! Anyway, still enjoying it, and all the funny names that are used.

    This weekend will be much of the same, small amount of gaming so hopefully new vegas and more kinect games im sure. Will be finishing up the house work then putting up xmas tree etc...

    My pile of shame is getting larger so will have to have a good go of it over xmas hols. I have:

    New Vegas
    Fable II
    Splinter Cell conviction
    Kayne & Lynch Dog days
    getting from level 47 to 50 in DR2
    Alan wake (I am seriously at the last episode)
    Minecraft although it never ends!
    RDR undead and the rest of the DLC
    Super meat boy
    AND duh da da duh da daaaaaaaa *Trumput noise*

    TRIALS HD new DLC Big Thrills on December 1

    Busy holiday season for me.

    Good luck to the rest of you... i have my work cut out for me.

    Still trying my hardest to finish Far Cry 2... If I manage to accomplish that, Ima start AC Brotherhood.
    But I'm picking up my puppy today so my weekend will probably be filled with "Niawwwwwww he just peed. SALLY GET THE CAMERA!!!"

    I have a weird sudden crave for Zelda games, so have been playing twilight princess the last few days.

    Saturday I'm at a buck's party, which may or may not involved some nba jam action (don't ask, I didn't organise any of it, I would have had blackjack and hookers). Sunday may involve some GT5 races.

    I'm the first to post about being engorged by GT5??? Madness :P

    (PSN add Gobbo_ for Aussie multiplayer if anyone's keen)

    Fittingly, I'm helping a mate swap the clutch on his GTI-R, so will get back into GT5 once that's complete.

    Fiance's Hens Night this weekend, so I guess that is a similar situation. I plan on making a dent in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, as well as hopefully completing Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

    my final uni assignment while i fight off the urge to explore more of the broken azeroth :(

    Guild 2: Renaissance, more exploring the Shattered WoW and maybe some more Fallout 3 for me.

    I continue to hanker for more Empire: Total War but one only has so many hours in the day

    Some Reach tonight, and maybe some AC:B over the weekend.

    Damn you Serrels and your early DKCR!! I saw your pic and wondered for a second if I should be expecting my pre order in the mail. Then I remembered that you are at Kotaku and I hate you.

    So I guess instead I will continue work on my own game, as well as some Gray Matter maybe, and some Valkyria Chronicles which I'm playing through again. Gray Matter is kind of a bit suck though. Man I look boring next to all you people and your new games... *pulls out wallet, moth flutters out*

      By the way, congrats on avoiding Neighbours this weekend. Not that it's on on the weekend. But you know... figuratively speaking. I think.

    GT5. Rock Band 3. Took day off for Monday. Playing D&D.

    I reckon this is the best period of games releases I've ever seen. So many great games I struggle to decide which one to play.

    Halo reach, gt5, assassins brotherhood multi, need for speed hot pursuit multi, nba2k11, FIFA 11 multi, prince of Persia 3d

    Leveling a new character in WoW. Might play some New Vegas, or Alpha Protocol. Also thinking of renting Black Ops to see what all the fuss is about.

    So many games so little time.
    This weekend will more than likely end up with me jumping frantically between games trying to get as much gaming in as possible.

    League of Legends
    Fallout 3 V2.0 (AKA New Vegas)
    'The Evil MMO that shall not be named'
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    Plus a slew of other games I buy and intend to play but never get around to it.

    Sadly I have less time to game than usual this weekend as my Saturday will be taken up with running around the bush for my paintball club's Christmas breakup/shoot 'em up. Nothing says have a good holiday season like shooting a team mate in the back.

    Am I the only one playing Splatterhouse this weekend?!

    Watch the cricket, vote, Black Ops MP, Commander Keen, 3D Studio, babysitting nephews, brother's birthday.

    In that order, basically.

    Sucks, I wanted to just stay home.

      Ah the voting game. I'll be doing that too, lining up behind a bunch of old fogies (oddly enough, I expected more young people in Brunswick..)

      I'll also hit up some Black Ops with my running mate who has strangely been absent most of the week. And the missus informed me GT5 arrived, so hoorah!

      Also, possibly, quite likely a trip to Sexpo.

    I'm going to be making a tit out of myself on Dance Central, playing Kinect Sports, Black Ops (PS3) and NFS Hot Pursuit(PS3). I need NFS HP friends! If anyone wants to be friends my GT is AgentEarlGray on both formats.

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