What Are You Playing This Weekend

Oh boy, oh boy. This weekend is the weekend that all married gamers dream of: my wife’s going away on a weekend trip, so I have nothing to do but sit at home and catch up on my ridiculously prodigious pile of shame. But what are you guys playing this weekend?

I’ve got a bunch of things lined up. First, I’m helping organise a console Halo: Reach LAN with a bunch of my friends, which should be interesting, since it’ll be my first time LANing Reach.

But asides from that I just got an early copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns, which I’m really excited about playing – it’s on like, um… Monkey Pong (take that Nintendo). Seamus pinched my copy of Gran Turismo 5, so I won’t be able to get started on that. Hopefully I’ll also manage to finish off Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, which I’m in love with, but I’ve totally given up the ghost on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

What about you guys? What’s the plan?


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