It's Master Chief Vs Samus In A 16-Bit Battle To The Death

The long-in-development Card Sagas Wars, a super-deformed fighting game based on the MUGEN engine, is a place where fighting game dreams come true. In this case, for those who have dreamed of seeing Master Chief take on Samus, Raving Rabbids and... Tingle?

MUGEN is a free 2D fighting game engine (and originally a customisable 2D fighting game) that lets users create whatever kind of fighting game they want. Normally, they create fanboy fantasies like the one above. As you would.

[via TIGSource]


    Very well done. I remember playing around with mugen about 8 years ago. Would love to see some more characters from Card Sagas Wars.

    Samus ftw.

    I really hope they do end up finishing this (or at least releasing a playable demo). It really does look quite solid.

    Time to get back into mugen. <3

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