Tell Us Dammit

Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – and this choice is all important - Ken or Ryu?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

This is a choice that will define you. Will you choose Ryu - the disciplined world warrior in constant search of perfection? Or will you choose Ken, that blonde firebrand, all natural talent but lacking the strength of will to follow through...

Choose wisely...


    This is the easiest decision ever: Dan!

      *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Taunt* *Quarter Circle Forward Taunt*

    Ken, his bendy knees and perfect plastic skin made me giddy with excitement when I made him a parachute with a hanky.


    Let's face it, at the end of the day Ken will always just be a "pallate swap". A "Player 2". The Jimmy to Ryu's Billy Lee.

    Ken was who you had to play as when you're mate got the coins in first!


        Your wrong is wrong. FAIL

          If that's wrong then I don't wanna be right!

            Well you haven't been so far, so congratulations! You're WINNING! WINNING! You've got TIGERSBLOOD!

    Ken, but only because Ryu is a try-hard.

    Ken's flaming, more angled dragon punch is where it's at.

    Also Ryu is a square.

    Ken. Because sure, Ryu's dragon panch may hit just once, but Ken's hits 3 seperate times, and lights his opponent on *fire*.


      It hits twice in SSFIV.
      But yeah, still no fire.
      But he has a fireball that's actually a BALL OF FIRE, rather than some pussy energy crap.

      This is what I'm saying. Fistbeard obviously understands the importance of flaming fists.

        Anything that is on fire is awesome. A car doing a nosedive off a cliff, yeah... On fire? GOD YES!

        Human Torch? Shit yeah.

        Chefs flambe-ing? thing? with fire? YES.

        Arson? SHIT YE-*sirens*

          You forgot Pyro from Xmen, flame throwers, napalm mortars and of course the sun

            Oh and I clearly forgot that Ryu's special hadoken burns you up. Take that Ken!


      Wro... I'll stop now. You get the idea.

    I find it funny actually how Ken and Ryu were identical in the original SF2 apart from how they looked. In fact they were identical for many iterations of the game, and it was only really when SF3 came out that they started to evolve a few differences, although granted the differences were mainly their super-moves and throws.

    Then you have characters like Akuma and Sagat (and shock: Evil Ryu) that share very similar movesets.

    Not saying SF is bad in any way but it's amusing nonetheless. To answer the question I've always preferred Ken for some reason but I don't know why. I tend to avoid playing as either of them to be honest if I can help it.

      You'll find the differences appeared in the Alpha series which predates Street Fighter III by a few years.

      Thank you. I was going to say "aren't they the same - and isn't this just a blond/brunette preference question?"... and betray just how long it's been since I played a Street Fighter game.

      Now that I know, I won't say anything.

      Blond(e) or brunette, everyone?

    Ken. MVC2 anti air pwned.

    Ken. He smiles once in a while:) Ryu always looks constipated lol


    Because Ryu has a mullet, and that kind of behaviour shouldn't be encouraged.

      Are you really sure about that?



      Which one looks more mullet like to you?

      I'm not too sure what you think a mullet is... But Ryu doesn't have one. His hair is short at the back.

        I don't know which one's which (I played Mortal Kombat), but the picture above desribed Ken as blonde, blonde guy has mullet... bad blonde guy.

          Ken does have a mullet (Only in the Alpha series) but you said Ryu had a mullet in your first comment.

            In Alpha?
            He had longer hair in Alpha. In the main series he has a mullet. And that's why alpha rooooooooooolz

              Dude, his hair was deceptive. Go back and have a look! His hair is only long at the back. Top and front are short. Mullet conspiracy. Mulletgate maybe?

    Clearly the answer is Sol.

    Wait a minute...

    So Ken's doing some home renovations, and comes to ask Ryu for a favour.
    "Hey Ryu, can borrow your ladder?"
    Ryu replies "SHOR-YU-KEN!"

    *crickets chirp*



    May Vega's claw forever bypass their projectiles and rip their tattered robes with a well-timed Bloody High Claw.

      Ryu's style isn't Shotokan Karate despite what the english manual said. (I trained in Shotokan and fireballs were sadly absent). He and Ken were trained by Gouken in a non lethal variation of Ansatsuken (Assassination Fist).

        If it shoots fireballs and does Dragon Punches, it's a bloody Shotokan.

          That doesn't even make sense.

          Shotokan is a specific style of karate. It's not a person. Fireballs and dragon punches have nothing do do with real Shotokan.

            You're taking me too literally....

   - I'm only talking within the context of Street Fighter.

              That entry is wrong. As I said in my first post Ryu and Ken don't practice Shotokan. It's a non lethal style of Ansatsuken. Dan Hibiki uses Saikyo. Sagat uses Muay Thai.

              "Within the context of Street Fighter" no one uses Shotokan. Makoto's Rindoukan loosely is based on Shotokan Karate so she would come the closest to being a "Shotokan" as you put it.


    Ryu, he's the original and the best.

    Charlie Sheen


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