Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? Chances are high the answer is yes. If you guys manage to get this before I check back in, feel free to reminisce on this 'classic' game!


    Oh god, I remember this game....

    I've just forgotten its name!!! :(

    I'm pretty sure it was a branded product, and the guy in those images was a famous martial artist from the time...

    Somebody else will get it, it's completely slipped my mind...


    Forgot to comment...

    Classic... maybe... but one of the worst beat 'em ups ever IMO. At least on the Amiga when I played it!


    its pitt fighter

    mortal kombat 2?

    Could it be a startup screen from Big Trouble in Little China?

    pit fighter

    Pit Fighter!

    Only ever played the arcade version.
    I sucked at it badly

    It is indeed Pitfighter. One of the original motion capture games. Classic in it's time!

    Wow this brings me back I completely forgot what this was from until I seen the other comments it was Pitfighter. I owned this on the original Game Boy years ago haha. I found this video on Youtube of the Gameboy version

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