The Future Of Gaming At 35,000 Feet

The Future Of Gaming At 35,000 Feet

The future of airborne gaming may include a full-sized monitor, surround sound and plenty of legroom, if you’ve got the cash to drop on a plush, “Not For Wimps” airline seat.

The seat, designed by Contour Aerospace and Factorydesign, is among the future design concepts being shown off at the Aircraft Interiors Expo at the Hamburg Messe in Germany this week.

The Not For Wimps prototype, designed specifically for in-flight gaming, includes speakers integrated into the top edges of the seat, the ability to create a bubble of active noise cancellation around the gamer and a large monitor suspended in front of each seat by a Kevlar-coated carbon fibre arm.


The seat is currently only at the concept stage, which means that if gamers make enough noise maybe they could add or tweak a few of the design choices. What would you want added, removed or changed to a seat designed for gaming? Me? I’d want an over-sized table to hold a sturdy laptop, a dedicated power point, LAN access and a separate side table for food and drinks. It would also be great if the seats sported multiple consoles, or the ability to rent a PS3 or 360 mid-flight, for the duration of the trip.

Other concepts being shown off at the week’s show include a seat with a built in iPad, another with a built-in Playstation Portable and a beverage trolley designed to dispense a multitude of drinks with the push of a single button.

Oy! I want one of those drinkie things too for my seat.

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  • would be cool to have scheduled games u could join, to get everyone on the plane playing together. winner gets to land the plane

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