Finally, A Game Shows What The Wii U Can Really Do

Finally, A Game Shows What The Wii U Can Really Do

Despite a ton of footage and endless words from Nintendo representatives, we’ve been given few clear examples of what the Wii U’s new controller can actually do in terms of improving a game. Ubisoft just changed that.

This trailer for Ghost Recon Online focuses on the Wii U’s touch pad and voice communications, and how the pair can help make a genre traditionally reserved for PCs, Xboxs and PlayStations suddenly look very tempting on a Nintendo console.

Imagine: it’ll even better when you’re not playing with a team comprised entirely of assholes.


  • Ubisoft’s marketing and PR team need to be killed.
    It’s the only truth to emerge from e3 2011.

  • LOL wow those actors really were awful… as if you’d continue to voluntarily play with people like that!

    But anyway. Game looked pretty cool.

  • Wow that lady was… -really- annoying. I swear, if any of the guys were acting like that they’d be considered a major asshole.

    What does that tell you about Ubisoft’s view on feminism? What I’m reading is that they think that women who play these games secretly want to be a guy and as such overcompensate.

    How about the girl as tactical leader? Or long range sniper? The ‘butch military girl’ got old just after “Aliens”.

  • wow… that… was…. mute button!!!

    I like what it could do, but those people annoyed the hell outta me!

  • ‘Oh, yes sir…give him a chill pill’

    ‘Let’s dance amigos’

    ‘I’m invisible, I’m the Devil’

    Wow, just wow. I swear this ad was written in 1998.

  • The information displayed on the controller was interesting and would certainly be unique, but I still think these graphics look current gen. I could easily see that being an xbox or playstation game, and not a particularly pretty one like say Crysis 2.

    I do fear that the Wii U will be left behind graphics wise by the time Microsoft and Sony start advertising their new consoles.

    • Really?! Of course it looks like a ps3/360 game, its a multiplatform title!
      You guys baffle me sometimes

    • But that will be in a year or two maybe. By that time the wii u might have sold a whole lot of units. Thats the trick of getting out of the gate first.

    • Those graphics WERE from 360/ps3 footage. NOT Wii U hardware. It was just made to look like it was being played on the Wii U. If you looked carefully did you once see an actual picture of them using the controller? No. that should have been your first clue.

      THis is merely concept vids of how they imagine the game will play once it has been completed.

  • Imagine: When “hardcore” gamers don’t buy the Wii U and I don’t have to play with a team comprised entirely of assholes.

  • Jesus christ… who thought that was a good idea?

    whoever scripted this should be dragged into the street and shot, then thrown ontop of the director’s corpse.

    Game looks cool though.

  • Oh my god… Every female gamer i’ve ever met is EXACTLY like that chick.

    Ubisoft, at least they have an accurate representation of gamers.

  • Wow, it lets you LOOK at your MAP! Sure is hard to do that by pressing [default map key].

    Maybe, just maybe, the Wii U would be the best console for shooters. Shame anyone with a head on their shoulders wouldn’t be caught dead on anything but PC.

  • So now I need my friends to buy Wii U to enjoy the experiance or I have to put up with random jerks… Sorry exposure to X-Box Live has left me jaded.

  • the ability to coordinate attacks on the fly thanks to the controllers touch Screen is a great way of demonstrating what will set the Wii U apart from the rest.

    Sure you can do the same on the other 2 consoles but you have to hit Start and interact with the Menus to get the map then begin coordinating your attack. Thats vital seconds wasted. Oh and you cant control your character while the map is occupying the screen and your coordinating, which means more valuable time wasted. The Wii U in theory allows you to do both at the same time with the touch of the touch screen. A simple concept that can make alot of difference.

    I can imagine Wii U users using the new interface coordinating in realtime tactics and strategies absolutely anhillating 360/ps3 players (if cross platforming was ever possible) because tactics & strategies can be instantly dished out to team members and maps can be easily & immediately accessed (assuming players of equal skill that is). The advantage would be information and the fact that the WiiU displays more gives it and its players the edge.

    Please for the love of sanity can people stop saying “This looks like 360/ps3 graphics” There is no finished games running on actual WiiU hardware so the video was simply taken from 360/ps3 footage and edited to make it appear like it was playing on a Wii U.

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