Mix Spore With LittleBigPlanet, Put It On 3DS And... What's That Coil Of Yellow Stuff?

Picture Lives, which I sometimes accidentally call Picture This was one of my favourite surprise finds at E3. It's a downloadable game from Nintendo that will be sold through the 3DS' eShop. I'd never heard of the game before and had to figure this one out on the fly. Enjoy the video of this very silly game.

Thanks to Kotaku intern Mike Epstein for doing the camerawork here and providing helpful commentary.


    looks kewl

    controls look frustrating

    That looks more fun than half of the retail release titles.

      all 5 of them? :P

    Not really my type of game, but will probably pick it up... as there isn't much else to play

    Yay for 3D poo!

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