LunchTimeWaster: Squashed Tomatoes

Not to Scale is the kind of video game that actually challenges my own limited definition of gaming - it's essentially an attempt to reinvent the jigsaw, and combine it with those weird number shuffling games you played as a kid. It's a mindbender of a game, and I completely love the simplicity of it all.

Essentially you must rearrange photographs from a jumbled mess into something that makes some semblance of sense. Each slot requires differently sized portions of the photograph, and that is your first clue. What follow will hurt your brain cells - you must make it all fit.

Not to Scale is an awesome concept, well implemented. It's a kind of facepalm moment - the kind of idea you wish you had. I love it.

Not to Scale [Kongregate]

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    Seriously, are you following me?
    This last two weeks the "LunchTimeWaster" has been a game I played the previous night.

    But, on the game choice, I managed to finish it but, by gum, my head hurt a little afterwards.
    I think the flower one got me the most, but the broadway one wasn't much better.

    Played through it yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Well worth a look for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle.

    That was kind of difficult at times. As soon as you get one or two pieces in the right place, though, it gets easy.

    Most were easy enough once you got two or three pieces together. I did spent about twenty minutes on the broadway one, maybe my wife does have a point about me being an uncultured caveman??

    Good one. Just the right level difficulty IMO. Would have liked more puzzles.

    Damn tomoatoes why did you vex me so!

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