A Homespun Look At The 3DS Add-On Circle Pad

The issue of Famitsu that introduces Nintendo's new add-on 3ds thumb pad is on sale in Japan. Don't live in Japan? Like Microsoft Paint? There is this.

Kotaku Japan picked up a copy of the magazine, and using the images in Famitsu, recreated the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad. In the above image, Kotaku Japan wrote "slot". Charming handwriting!

In the below image, next to the large circle it says triggers. In the middle is the "cover" or "フタ" that blocks the cartridge slot.

The drawing isn't perfect — cute, but not perfect. Nintendo will hopefully release official art. Until then, this homemade image from Kotaku Japan might make it easier to visualise the 3DS Expansion Slide Pad.

イラスト解説:ニンテンドー3DS拡張パッドはこうなってます [Kotaku Japan]


    This is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. Who would buy this monstrosity?

      People that want to play Monster Hunter.

      So, all of Japan and a small number of Westerners.

        Region Lock. No point.

        MHP3 looks better than the 3DS one anyway. Sure, it doesnt have underwater sections, but that was the worst part about MH3. Portable 3 will entertain me for a long time to come, and I wouldnt want to play MH on a 3DS anyway. No Claw technique which I love.

          About the hooking- sarcasm, or your a freak.

    The 3DS just got a lot less portable.

    This is just a nitpick but...

    The top pic actually says "suritto" (Slit), not Slot (Surotto)

    Otherwise i find this really deflating that they still havent gotten anything decent out yet...

      It's not a nitpick. A slot would mean that something can be plugged there. A slit is just a slit, as my girlfriend tells me. Baboom.

      I'm guessing it's there to let that massive CPU breathe.

    Nintendo, you just made the 3DS... the Virtuaboy MK2.

    Ironically, this is most likely still smaller than the Vitas size

      Doesn't matter, because the Vita has shat all over the 3DS since it's announcement.

    The Circle pad attachment could have gone over the bottom right Corner.

      That's exactly how I imagined it would be. Apparently not.
      It adds two extra triggers it seems, but judging by it's size, it also looks like it would double as an extended battery pack.

      A quick fix to the 3DS' flaws.

      At least we know what to expect in their next iteration.

    Also I sincerely hope nintendo don't expect us to actually buy this out of choice. It should be a free peripheral for monster hunter, like they did with the wii motion plus add-on.

    One of nintendo's more subtle approaches to correcting their mistakes.

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