Some Fallout Cosplay To Survive The Apocalypse In

Inspired by last year's Fallout: New Vegas, Nanahra has made himself a replica New California Republic Ranger's outfit that, at a glance, looks as good as the real thing.

Not that the real thing's actually real. But if it was, it'd probably look like this. Only slightly more radioactive.

What's great about it is the level of detail on show; there's layers atop layers in the costume, while the helmet and gun look perfect.

Cosplay Outfits [Nanahra, via Bethesda]


    Noiiiiiiiice, gun looks a bit oversized though lol

      Was thinking the same thing. Laser Rifle is too big.

    I'm not a Fallout fan but this looks awesome.


    Looks like what I hope fallout might given another 10 years or so of lighting & rendering tech

    But but Rangers don't use energy weapons!


    Only let down by the shoes... pretty sure a pair of boots would serve you better in the apocalypse than dunlops.

    The cloak is too big; it fit much better in Fallout. Still awesome though.

    Thats a badass cosplay dude.

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