While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, face squished into a dog's fluffy, soft body, drooling all over yourself, stuff happen. Video game stuff. Thankfully we've rounded up some of the highlights from last night while you were deep in slumber, so here it is!

I mostly skipped Oblivion. And by skipped I mean I spent seven hours without feeling a single shred of reward or progress, and then quit playing. Morrowind, on the other hand, as a student with too much time on his hands, was the elephant graveyard where my grades went to die. At this point, I'm unsure about Skyrim, mainly because I wonder if I have the time to invest in such a game. Long story short - we have an awesome hands on that may help you/me decide. Head here and read it.

Yesterday we found out that Europe is getting The Old Republic on time, while we're still in the stone ages with the staggered release date. Want to know what we're missing out on? Head here!

I don't normally get excited about cosplay - but this is boss. There's a Devil May Cry HD collection in the works, and here is the Uncharted 3 TV spot.

In Short The Wonderful Distractions Sentient Glitches Of Skyrim's Massive World I'm Flip-Flopping On Star Wars: The Old Republic There Is A Devil May Cry HD Collection In The Works And This Is What It Looks Like Super Mario vs Metal Gear vs Tron This Uncharted 3 Commercial Is Not Deceptive


    Greatest. Picture. Ever. I swear at first glance it looked like a blob of some variety of meat.

    Oh, the article works too.

    Wow... Took me about 5 seconds to make out that it was a dogs face.

    Quite disturbing.

    That is disgusting.

    Took me a while to work that out - it was REALLY disgusting before i worked out it was a dog.

    Now it's just disgustingly cute... but still disgusting

    And i thought my dog was cute. How wrong i was.

    Egads! I was certain that was some sort of eldritch horror. But its only a hound.

    I thought that was a pile of meat.

    ...So I guess I was still right.

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