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Today I made a realisation — sometimes I'm a sucker for internet hype. I haven't played a Bethesda game extensively since Morrowind. Sure, I tried Oblivion and Fallout 3, but I didn't really get into it. Not really. So why am I excited about Skyrim? I'm probably not even going to play the bloody thing! I'm guessing it's the total saturation of voices screaming SKYRIM at the top of their collective voices. So what about you guys? Do you think you're susceptible to hype?

Don't get me wrong — when I get a game in my hands, I'm always keen to develop my own opinion on it. But in the lead up to release, I find it so easy to get caught up in the wave, to the point where I often enjoy reading about games more than actually playing them.

Anyway — what do you guys think about internet hype surrounding games?


    I am the hype surrounding Skyrim.

      I am the lightning, i am the heat
      I am the spark
      Before the blaze
      I am the raindrop out at sea
      I cause the ripples that become the crashing waves

      I am the Skyrim to your Rob. <3

        I am the terror that flaps in the night.

          I am the beans in your burrito

    I don't think I am really susceptible. Perhaps I was in my younger days, but now I just tend to ignore all the hype on the net and save my judgement til I can actually play the game. I just hope I can replace my video card soon so I will actually be able to play some games again!

    i think im genuinely interested.

    If skyrim breaks street date, will i be able to play it on PC? Isn’t it activated via steam?


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        MW3 didnt hardcopies avoided the lock skyrim may be the same

    I've fallen for it plenty of times (Portal 2, Arkham City, Uncharted 3...) but there are just as many times where the wave of hype just washes over me. Skyrim is one of those cases, I just can't bring myself to care.


    But in all seriousness, it does depend, if I have no interest in the game, then no hype will affect me, but hype can bring me from "Hmm, I might buy this game" all the way up to 'I MUST HAVE THIS ON LAUNCH!" But that's just how I roll.

    I find hype can't make me interested in a game I wasn't interested in before, but if I was already interested, the hype can send my anticipation levels through the roof.
    It's even more agonising if you've ordered a game online and then the hype-machine goes into overdrive and suddenly everyone's talking about a game you won't be able to play for at least two weeks after release date.

      Tell me about it :( I had to go to the US (online obviously) to order the collectors edition for PC, the wait is murder.

      Not necessarily a bad thing. You can enjoy the game on its own merits once all the hype has died off. Now excuse me while I go start playing Batman: Arkham City tonight since I just picked it up from the post office this morning.


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      Some Sydney and Melbourne Target stores have apparently started selling.

    KOTAKU Editors/Web Dudes - That damn Toyota ad is broken. It always plays with volume and there is no way to turn it off, unless you full-screen it and then mute it... but then it is taking over your whole screen, as soon as you minimise it, it starts playing again >:(

    I can't think about anything other than Skyrim! I've got a tonne of College work but I am finding myself giving less than a shit about it right now, been doing nothing but assessments for weeks on end. It's dull.

    Going to the Insert Coin(s) event tonight in Oxford St, but am too broke to do anything other than play the free arcade games, bummed I'm gonna miss out on alcoholic milkshakes... :(

    I plan on taking Friday evening off and just play as much Skyrim as I can before my gf gets too mad at my nerdiness!

      Step 1. Download Firefox
      Step 2. Install ad block plus
      Step 3. Enjoy as free we browsing

      In relation to hype - I am a huge sucker for hype! I want Skyrim so bad but like you Mark, I have only played oblivion briefly and have spent minimal time with fallout 3/NV. Luckily, my fiancé loves them so I am happy to watch her play and follow the stories in small bursts. I really hope I get sucked into Skyrim. The only problem is Zelda SS is out on the 24th and all my rpg time will go to that.

        Not helpful when you cannot install anything on a work computer.

        Try muting your computer instead mate.

    If I see lots of positive hype around a game that I planned on buying anyway, I think it sort of makes me more excited (kind of reinforcing my idea that it's going to be a good game). Though I'm not really the type of person who gets swept up in hype for something that I probably wouldn't buy otherwise.

    Preloaded and ready to go at midnight. Nothing's gonna stop me now. And I'm getting my limited edition strategy guide in 3 or 4 days so that's not gonna contaminate my first playthrough.

    It's broken street date.

    Won't be able to play it on PC until steam unlocks anyway though. And elder scrolls on consoles = eww

      That's not really official. Some grandma has sold at a Target, not really a proper street date until JB or EB start officially selling.

        I also called up my local EB store and they confirmed they will be selling Skyrim today. I made sure :)

          Just called my local JB and they said they're not breaking street date yet.

          Then again, I'm not getting Skyrim so it don't matter none to me.

          Best place to watch for EB is their official twitter page. They announce whenever something breaks and is for sale across the country at EB.

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    I get majorly sucked in, but I need to have a >0% interest to begin with.

    I got supremely excited for the following games before they came out:

    Uncharted 3
    Max Payne 3

    and they all had quite decent hype. :)

      What... you mean to say you didn't get excited and drawn in by the hype surrounding The Dig before it was released? Or is all the excitement post-release? ;)

      Oh... and GTAV ??

        Sadly, I was a latecomer to The Dig fanclub.

        Re: GTAV, yep, can't explain why, but it will be a day one purchase. I think that's the very definition of hype. :P

    And on to the question:

    You didn't have the same excitement for Space Marine :(

    I realllly want to play Skyrim- but i am going to wait until the GOTY edition is released so i can play it in full, uninterrupted.

      Andi regularly get sucked in by hype... Saints row 3, for insance..


        How can anyone NOT be sucked in by Saints Row 3 hype... it looks insanely addictive! I was a huge fan of the first two, and have converted many people who only ever viewed it as a "GTA rip-off".
        Hopefully 3 lives up to its hype, otherwise I will be extremely disappointed.

    Played the shite out of Morrowing, Oblivion and Fallout 3 pretty damn pumped!

    I've got to say, it's changed.

    I used to get hyped over games in a series I wanted, or something that looked cool, and ALL ABAORD! that hype train and watch reviews, and previews, etc.

    Then: job, wife, baby. At the moment, I'll get interested in a game, but I'll get it a month or two later, or end of year, or when I get bored of the games I have. If it turns out the game was a massive let down inside that gap, then I probably won't get it.

    Not in a rush any more.

    Except for the odd game here and there where I know it'll be pretty awesome based on past experience, like SR3. That's a game I can pick up and squeeze out an hour or two when I get a chance. Skyrim looks awesome, but I'm unlikely to get any dedicated playtime, so I can wait. Growing up sucks.

    Skyrim will be the first true RPG in a long time - I'll be able to develop my character how I want to develop it, rather than being tightly constrained by the 'spreadsheet' methodologies of games like WoW and Diablo 3. I view Skyrim in the same light as Dungeon Siege 1, with all other 'RPG' games basically being like Dungeon Siege 3: linear in map and character development with very little wiggle room. Skyrim will be a return to taking the long view for my character and will let me get mack to my min/max roots that were developed with games like Pool of Radiance and other SSI games, and more recently Neverwinter Nights.

    Chris you should play Dark Souls!

      I've only briefly looked at it but am aware of it's 'difficulty'. Will take a much closer look (which means I'll go buy it).

    It depends on how, who and where I see the hype come from. If I see ads from the developer or preview directly from the developer, I won't get that excited.

    I read previews, see gameplay video, see people discussing it THEN see the ads and release date get closer is when I get hyped. Case in point, Deus Ex and Skyrim.

      Also, I am damn excited about Rayman. Damn, damn, damn excited.

    game publishers and developers are very, very good along with the media at producing Stockholm Syndrome for gamers and games. That is, the hype and attention becomes so much that the gamer must love the game no matter what, even if its bad. They fall for those who torture them so much.

    I don't give two shits about Skyrim. I don't buy into hype.

      But do you have the ability to strip away the hype, which exists primarily for the benefit of the casual audience, and work out if the game will actually be one you will enjoy playing?

      But, given your undying love of Nintendo... what if it was hype for a new Smash Brothers game?

    TARGET BROKE STREET DATE. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!,skyrim-onsale-now---at-target-apparently.aspx

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