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Tell Us Dammit

I spent Christmas this year at my brother in-law’s place. You may know my brother in-law as ‘Ben White’, or the guy who made the Kotaku redesign look all purrty. Anyway, Ben’s just had a kid, he’s married; he claimed he doesn’t have any spare time to do anything. I almost believed him until I saw his Skyrim save file: 120 hours. It got me to thinking — what games have you spent the most time with in terms of raw hours?

For me, it was Halo 2. Easily. Just in multiplayer alone, I estimate I put roughly 300 hour into that game. 300 hours. It really dominated my entire life for a while. I got diminishing returns from later Halo games, mostly because I never really found that deadly combination of boredom and spare time ever again.

Anyway — what about you guys? What games have you spent the most time with?


  • I probably spent waaay longer on Pokemon or Mario as a kid but my longest time spent on a Steam game is TF2 with around 250. I dunno if I feel good or bad when I look at my friend with over 1,000.

  • Borderlands.

    To tally up my time I’d have to load my 360 copy and then my PC copy. definitly several days worth. Considering I also only played co-op with my fiance, collectively we’re well over 500 hours played… I went on to play other games, she still only plays Borderlands.

  • pokemon, halo, halo 3, oblivion, age of empires 2, homeworld, that starwars podracing game on n64, wipeout pure on psp, banjo tooie, sudeki on xbox

  • TF2, Guild Wars and Final Fantasy X (yeh, spent a lot of time trying to complete everything properly) I think. I suspect the most time was spent on TF2.

  • As I said on Twitter, I reckon I’ve spent 1500+ in Halo 3 – though I can’t check easily because HaloCharts went down.

    At the height of Halo 3’s popularity in 2008, my wife and I played nothing else for months. We were on there every night, endlessly playing the same maps. We had it down and we still weren’t as crazy good as some other people. I don’t event want to think about how dedicated those people had to be to stay on top like that.

    We joined a site called Halo Charts, and we even sponsored the site for a ‘lifetime membership’ of $10 apiece. It took all our stats from our profiles and generated ludicrous amounts of metadata. I can’t even begin to explain it.

    When Mark mentioned earlier today that he’d done 300+ hours in Halo 2, I went to – there was no ‘total time played’ for me to refer to. Aha! HaloCahrts! My dependable old chum – I know I haven’t checked you for awhile since I stopped playing Reach awhile back, but surely… no. They closed their doors in November after four years of excellent service.

    Oh Halocharts, you were always a step ahead of your imitators and you represented the passion I had for Halo 3 that no other game has recreated. I can still play Halo 3 on Xbox Live, and all my stats on are still intact… but now that HaloCharts is gone it feels like Halo 3 is dead to me as well.

    For me, it’s the end of an era.

  • Team Fortress 2. 700 hours since 2007, nearly 100 hours of pyro-mania alone. I am aware that this is a very sad fact, and I wish Steam would stop pointing it out to me.

    The GTA and Civilization series also probably deserve collective honourable mentions.

  • TF2 at about 850 hours for me, since the end of 2007. Although I play with some dudes who have clocked up about twice that.

    Then Skyrim came along…..

  • Team Fortress 2, easily. That thing just keeps drawing me back in.
    In terms of solid, unabridged hours, probably Twilight Princess. That had me by the jewels good and tight and I stayed up late playing through the story, collecting tears and enjoying the game.

  • Thanks to the wonders of technology I can tell you my most played games (on PC) are:
    WoW: 4605hrs
    Team Fortress 2: 163hrs
    Dragon Age: Origins: 142hrs
    Star Wars: The Old Republic: 107hrs (Yes, I’m aware this came out like 2 weeks ago. I’ve been on holidays!)

    I also used to have a Final Fantasy X save file that was up around the 200hrs mark.

    • Holy fuck dude that is over 191 days!!! Christ… anyway, the most I’ve played is probably FFVII when I didn’t have terrible guilt about playing video games. I love video games but there is so much for me to do out there in tha ‘real’ world hahaha… ahhhhhhhh DAMN YOU RESPONSIBILITIES.

  • Seems that multiplayer is responsible for these epic playthroughs! I’ve replayed all my single player games many a time, but I usually consider all these playthroughs seperate from the other time wise. 😀

  • Just cause 2- Over 150 hours just dicking around and trying to get the platinum trophy, which I eventually got.

    Burnout paradise 100 hours- I loved this game so much that I played it non stop for a whole week. Great game and my first platinum trophy.

    PES 5- Pro evolution was king on the PS2

    • * over 800 hours on PES with my cousin. We went through all the premier leagues and all the cups and just random leagues for money.

  • Weird that no one has brought up World of Warcraft. That’s a game that you measure in days, not hours. So… that. By a long, long, long way.

    Other contenders though would be Civilization IV and Tropico 3. But probably both pale in comparison to older games like Super Mario 3 or World, perhaps F-Zero, Battletoads, StarFox and GoldenEye. Hard to compare that stuff that didn’t track it, and its been a few years!

  • Halo 3 easily, no idea time wise but thousands of games were played back in the day.
    WoW would probably be second and Diablo 2 the most played singleplayer game but I have no time record for them.
    Though I clocked 160 hours in Oblivion on 360, probably another 50 on the PC character I lost.

  • I’ve clocked in a lot of hours on the more popular RPG games. About 200 hours in Fallout 3, 150 in DA:O, who knows how many hours in WoW. But the game i’ve played the most in Diablo 2. I probably clock in at over 1000 hours.

  • Battlefield Bad Co 2 I’ve racked up over 62 hours and I’ve barely touched the single player campaign, GTA IV I’ve notched up 54 hours, TF2 on the Xbox would be at least as much as that. GTA San Andreas I have over 100 hours to my name – I fully played that game for the whole of 2009!

  • The “time played” clock on Pokemon cartridges maxes out at 999 hours 99 minutes.

    I’ve maxed the clock on:
    Leaf Green

    And at minimum an additional 100 hours on each of:
    Fire Red
    Heart Gold
    Soul Silver

    So, 4900 hours dedicated to Pokemon. I probably sunk nearly another 1000 hours or so into the old net battle/shoddy battle back in the peak of Gen 3-4.

    Closest runners up I can think of would be:
    TF2 (300+ hours)
    FFX (250 hours)
    Not sure what my /played was when I quit WoW this time last year, but considering that I used to play Pokemon while I was grinding & sometimes when I was raiding (resto shammy WotLK era). I know it was a lot, but definitely less than Pokemon.

  • I’m with you Mark; Halo 2 by a long shot, well over 300 hours along with about 150-200 in Halo 3. Also spent plenty of time in Fallout 3 and Mass Effect, multiple 40-50 hour playthroughs there.
    Gotta say too, I’m amazed at these 1000+ hour figures, that’s incredible dedication and I’m in awe of anyone who can stick with it for that long!

    • I played 4022 games of Halo 2 over 2 accounts. So if you avg 10 mins per game thats 670hrs of just in game time. That doesnt include all the time in menus and matchmaking.

      CS 1.3-1.6 I’d hate to know how much time I spent playing that…Im guessing over 1000hrs because I definitely played it a lot longer than Halo 2.

      In recent years my most played games would be 107hrs in TF2, 120hrs in Skyrim, 205hrs in COD 4 and about 160hrs in Black Ops. Those COD times are just Xbox and I played both of those iterations on PC as well (but only about 50hrs each).

  • Well, steam would have me believe it’s Portal 2 at 42 hours, but I think the game I’ve spent the most time on would have to be Trackmania Nations Forever. Man, I played that game so much.

  • Ones that I can easily verify (thanks steam)
    64 hours on Audiosurf
    44 hrs on TF2 (but I swear its more)

    At least 4 fully completed ME2 playthroughs, call it at least 100 hours. Lost save files means I can’t get an accurate number
    Many playthroughs of various Pokemon games. I’ve owned Silver, Ruby, Diamond, Platinum and White nd I would have had at least 2 40 hour files on each of them. Silver Ruby and Platinum I may have done 4 runs.

    So yeah, a lot of Pokemon

  • 120+ days on my main character in WoW (not sure what all up it would be)
    178 hours in GTAIV (expacs included)
    137 hours in TF2
    100+ hours in Fallout 3 before I got it on Steam
    130+ hours in CSS (it got reset though, THANKS STEAM)

  • Officially: Just Cause 2 – 120 hrs to finally get the platinum trophy. But i would have sunk hundreds of hours into Pharaoh/Cleopatra (city building games), plus god knows how many in Warcraft 2 and Red Alert back in the days.

  • Skyrim just clocked up 75 hrs but according to steam Shogun 2 129 hrs and that was just one campgain,My best friend had clocked 1100 hrs on COD black ops, yes he’s unemployed.75 hrs of skyrim and I’m only Lvl. 29 and only done a few main story quests and have got maybe 50 open quests, that game is HUGE.

  • Biggest achievements off the top of my head probably include;

    250hrs in Pokemon Diamond (gotta catch em all :S)
    330hrs in TF2 (played mostly by myself)
    350hrs in Bad Company 2 (I remember getting the first 100 in 10 days)
    600hrs in L4D2 (casual clan mates)

    700+ games of League of Legends in the last 6 months

  • GTA IV alone 150 hours. Then another 20-30 hrs a piece on the DLC. You do the math….

    Also Fallout 3 – 120 hrs just on the campaign and then ever piece of DLC. I dunno…many more hours. 200+ hrs.

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the first 6 months after it came out my best bud and I played for about 3 hours a day…Plus beating the Subspace Emissary the first night, took us about 8 hours, because we sucked

  • I’ve had over 300 days or more clocked on Runescape however this has spanned over since 2002 so isn’t as bad as it sounds =/

  • I think in terms of raw hours I’d say Counter-Strike, in its many iterations. From time spent with my mates playing 1.3 at a LAN after school to the “Oh, I have an hour free, maybe some Inferno..?” In terms of hours it HAS to be the winner.
    And I think second to that would probably be Gran Turismo 2, which I played with my brother non-stop for weeks.
    There are individual games I’ve stripped inside and out but haven’t had the length to rack up an insane hour-count, games such as Half Life and Metal Gear Solid.
    I tend to get bored of games unless they have rock-solid gameplay complemented by a game design which means it constantly changes, but stays the same. Some people get bored of playing CS but I find it endlessly rewarding. I still smile when I nab a CT with the AK when they run across the bottom of the tunnel in Italy.

  • Oblivion over 120 hrs, Skyrim will head to the same lofty heights eventually. Mass Effect games (so many replays).

  • “It got me to thinking — what games have you spent the most time with in terms of raw hours?”

    lol, i almost thought u were gonna say “maybe I could be the dragonborn” after that hyphen.

    I too have been putting in lots of hours into Skyrim, where can u check how many hours exactly on the 360? I am starting to get slightly bored of it now.. its just wayyy too big and hard to juggle work, relationship and gaming 🙁

  • At one point I checked out my play stats on my Wii. I had four games there with over 100 hours. Two of them were Guitar Hero titles, one of them was Monster Hunter (the first 60 of which occurred in the first week of playing alone), and bafflingly, the last was Metroid Prime 3. I don’t even know how that happened considering I didn’t own it til years after playing it, at the time I just borrowed it off a friend. And considering that Metroid Prime games tend to take me around 20 hours on the first playthrough… I have no idea at all. The next most played game is HotD Overkill, with 72 hours. Love that game.

    As for Guitar Hero, the series as a whole stands as the main devourer of my gametime. I decided to tally up how much each iteration has taken me, back when PlayStats (Wii homebrew) got an update so that it worked properly. Here’s the totals:

    GHIII: 8d 6h 56m 51s
    GHIV: 6d 13h 26m 38s
    GH6: 2d 18h 3m 44s
    GHM: 1d 9h 55m 24s
    total: 19d 0h 22m 37s

    or, 456:22:37

    But then I realised that that doesn’t include a custom version of GHIII I have, which has all of GHII’s songs on it. That had to be played through the homebrew channel, so it doesn’t show up in there. So the actual total is probably about 500 hours all up. A good portion of that GHIII time would be me trying to beat Lou and TTFAF on expert 😛

    Nothing else comes to mind, but at the moment my highest ranking 3DS game is Ghost Recon. The campaign alone took me just short of 60 hours to complete, and I haven’t even touched the skirmish missions.

  • This year would definitely be World of Warcraft, but I’ve got no idea how much time I’ve spent actually playing because I leave it on and use it to chat with guildies when I’m at work. I’ve got The Insane title (as well as all reputations except classic BGs up to Exalted, although I’ve got to redo Steamwheedle). I’ve missed two raids this year, but otherwise I spent at least 3 hours 3 nights a week (4 nights for the first half of the year) raiding.
    Although I’m not sure it’ll be the case next year since I’m sort of out of stuff to do and the game doesn’t really have much holding power outside of friends and the first two weeks after each content patch. Plus my early-to-mid 2012 budget is looking good, so I won’t have the old financial excuse of using it to save money.

  • Final Fantasy VII for me, I don’t think there has been a game that I have replayed as much since then. I’m a lot quicker to move onto other games, I guess that’s what ‘disposable income’ does for you. A quick estimate of time would be around 450 hours. I once accidentally saved over a 110 hour save. That was a minor frustration.

    It’s been a long time now since I played it, I think I might load it onto the PSP for my trip around Europe 🙂

  • if i ever saved during gta 4 it would be like 300hours i think its fallout 3 gta 4 bf3 and bioshock 2 for me ……bioshock 2 multiplayer was fantastic

  • 2300 hours in BF2
    1800 hours in Everquest 2
    1100 hours in Mount and Blade Warband
    560 hours in BFBC2
    510 hours in Football Manager 2011

  • For me it’s probably Pokemon, but it’s spread over so many games and years it’s pretty much immeasurable now. Other lifetime highs are Melee at 1000, the Fire Emblem series at roughly 1100 (probably higher), Civ games (probably a good thing it doesn’t record it) and Total War games.

    In the last 4 months or so I have 150 each from Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3, 120 from Disgaea 4 (not finished), 80ish from Skyrim (on hold due to crappy computer) and 60 from Yakuza 4. I haven’t dug into it much yet, but I’ll probably have 50+ on Skyward Sword by the end of the year too.

  • Between my two main characters in WoW, which I played for 3.5 years off and on, and quit around 18 months ago – my lock was on around 110 days played, and my rogue was at about 95 days. Final Fantasy 8 stole around 210 hours, FF7 in the vicinity of 100 hours, Dissidia around 150 hours, various Pokemon games I’d say ~500 hours, Monster Hunter 2nd G about 130 hours, and MHP3rd is about 80 hours.

    I’m sure there’s more, and possibly worse, but I think WoW wins for me. Doom and Quake on PC with friends (DM and co-op) stole a vast portion of my childhood/teenage years as well.

  • I’m not a dedicated gamer. I don’t even play every week. A game really needs to grab me and I need to not have much else on to put in the kind of hours worth mentioning here.

    It would have to be Left4Dead and L4D2 that last did it for me.

    351 hrs on L4D1. Still under 100 on 2.

    The original COD and COD2 would easily be up there too, but I don’t have steam stats on those to check.

    I wonder if all those hours on the NES playing Mario Bros would beat that? Probably not, as 8 hour+ sessions were not an option with parental supervision 😉

  • Well I have probably put more time into the football manager games than any other over the years…in the thousands of hours…
    At the moment 2 months after release I have 230 hours logged on BF3 multiplayer on pc…..

  • Just cause 2 was right up there for me, clocked close to 100 hrs on that

    I would say that I have spent longer on civ but don’t have figures and they all sort of blend into one

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