What Are You Playing This Weekend?

As someone who generally celebrates nothing, I am still required to take part in Chinese New Year festivities. What does this require me to do? Turn up, eat the food, light some incense, and run out of there, screaming, as my family chases me down to compare my high school exam results to the other cousins. This means there will be no video games for me. How about you? What are you playing this weekend?


    NBA Jam

    I'll be finishing DA:O again. NOW WITH 90% MORE DLC

      I ordered that off Ozgameshop. Should arrive next week. What's your opinion on it? Any good? Got that and DA 2 for under 50 bucks.

        On PS3 the game has some performance issues, the framerate struggles and the game has longer loading times. If you do play the UE edition, it;s best to uninstall all the patches, it helps with the framerate.

    Hoping Demon's Souls, but this is the fourth weekend in a row I've said just this. In all likelihood, no games for Shane.

      I'll be playing Writing a Critical Review of The Lesser Evil, Vol 1 for Shane :)

      That and Rayman. Platforming goodness!

    Apply for a job:the game and maybe some Prince of persia (08)-I have to find all the light orbs.

    Probably spend most of what time I have going through Katawa Shoujo some more. I'm almost done with the 2nd arc and I want to go through them all eventually

      Finished my first run throught on Thursday. I hope you picked the right one. They all seemed to annoy the shit out of me except the one i picked!

        I got Emi the first time through. Wasn't planned or anything. I was trying to get onto Hanako's arc to be honest. Second time around, I picked a lot of different responses to the choices and ended up on Rin's story. Its been frustrating, but that's the sort of person she is, so I chalk it up to good writing. I can feel the same sort of frustration the Hisao must be going through. I found a flow chart with all the different choices and responses to get to the different arcs and I'll be using that to get through the first hour or so to get on the right track. But after that I'm on my own

          I got Emi too on my first run and so far that has been my favourite. Finished all arcs recently and was damn impressed by the quality, definitely worth replaying until you have them all.

            Its seems like Emi is the story that most people end up with first time around.

    First the first time I can definitely answer this question with SKYRIM.

    I keep worrying I'm pressing through it too quickly but my wife has about 10-15 hours on top of my 10 or so hours total and she's got a ridiculous backlog of quests she hasn't even started on.

    I might take some time out to play Saints Row the Third since we've already bought and downloaded the Ginkibowl VII DLC, but... SKYRIM.

    I think I'll smash out some hours in Battlefield 3. After not playing for a few weeks, I got this urge to play it earlier this week. Probably play some more Serious Sam 3 and maybe finish off the Saints Row 3 DLC that came out this week.

    SWTOR. Have to catch up to some friends :<

    SW:TOR, Call of Duty and I'm going to finish Darksiders.

    Did anyone play the Amalur demo?
    Are we posting thoughts here?

      i downloaded it for the PC. I enjoyed it. It wasn't really original or groundbreaking, but it was fun. I feel it borrows from a few recent RPG like games, but mostly Fable. I think I will buy it, but I'm not sure if I'll get it on release or wait until the price drops a lil.

        That's my feeling too.
        I played it on xbox, and I think the camera could stand to be a bit further back.
        The voice acting wasn't as good as fable, nor were the visuals... but the combat is better.

        Also I was getting quite a bit of graphical bugs. Like textures stretching or disappearing, and occasional sound issues. But hopefully they fix that prior to release.

      For me Reckoning felt like WoW cut with Fable, but with better combat.
      I will probably grab this as it feels really polished and I'm already interested in the story. I also noticed the occasional graphical pop on the 360, but I put that down to the demo version.
      I really like the way they included items for playing the demo rather than making them preorder exclusives. They may still do this, but at lleast they're offering something for nothing.
      Overall, feels like a nothing-new RPG, but the combat feels smooth, fun and varied and I think this may be one of those rare "right mix" games in a popular genre, which doesn't do much new but does everything right and with a high level of polish.

        They've said the demo was spun off the "real" game a few months ago and that the real game is substantially more polished. Which is good, because at least on PS3 the graphical polish leaves a lot to be desired.

        The combat utterly destroys Skyrim- fighting a group of 4 kobolds at level 2 had more depth than fighting the final boss of Skyrim (or any other fight in Skyrim)- so I'm comfortable with my pre-order based on that.

      I really liked it, like you said it's not particularly original and borrows from a lot of other RPGS but there's an old school charm to it that I really like. It reminds me of playing Summoner on the PS2 for some reason. I like how it's a lot more complex than Fable RPG wise but it's still grounded in the same kind of world. Looking forward to paying the full game.

    Wind Waker. Crysis 2.

      love it!

      Ocarina of time and Mario 3D for me

    I think I'll be playing the 'watch the internet burn' game

    either that or Skyrim

    I have to make an appearance for Chinese NY also, but will try to fit some SW:ToR in somewhere.

      And to top it off, I'm married now so I have to give the red packet instead of receiving it!!

    Final Fantasy XIV on my new Asus ROG Laptop, just picked it up this week. =D In downtime, will be likely trying to do some more DQM2 on the DSi XL. I also have Disgaea 4 and Dark Souls sitting on my shelf mocking me. Have started both but both have been put on hold for now.

    Then I have study to do. Sigh.


    Studying so I don't fail my High School exams this year.

      Poor kid. :(

      The Kid works hard and ignores all outside distractions. He knows it will be worth it in the end.

        The kid manages to sort out his priorities..
        But has he got them right?

    KOTOR! :D
    And probably some more NFS The Run. I'm on my second play through :)

    I have some friends to catch up with and probably some freelance work as well, but if I can fit in some gaming time I'll either continue my Dark Souls endgame or train in some UMvC3.

    Oh and Kung Hei Fat Choy :D

    Rayman with the wife the first game where large skill differences does not frustrate the hell out of her or I.

      Me too! But I'll be flying solo, because neither my wife or I want to deal with that problem...

    SWTOR and some SC2.

    Lucky for me i also have Monday and Tuesday off =)
    Really enjoying SWTOR, my first MMO and im getting right into, did a flashpoint with a few friends last night and loved it

    Actually, now that I think about it I will probably be playing A LOT of iOS games to pass the time. :)

    With the Resident Evil 6 buzz beginning yesterday, it occurred to me that i'd never actually finished RE5. So I picked up RE5 Gold Edition yesterday & look forward to playing it this weekend. And some Dino Crisis & Metal Gear Solid on ps1

      So good. Screw the "It's not survival horror" hate, I played through it twice with my brother and loved every minute of it.

      Yeh picked up RE5 Gold Edition a while ago from JB (2 for $40 deal). Played it with my bro in co-op. awesome fun!

      After seeing the RE6 trailer today, im hella excited about the next one now!

      Oops, think I clicked on "Report" instead of "Reply" when first making this comment. t'was an accident Kotaku admins.

      Really gotta see this trailer, but I'm at work and they watch me like mizerley hawks. RE4 and 5 were both great fun :)

    painkiller, bought the entire series for 5 dollars the day before.

    I've got to pick a uni degree to start studying in the next few weeks... thoughts?

    Dungeons of Dredmore. Has a awesome sense of humor and is a great initiation for people knew to rogue-likes.

    You're out of mana - Drink more booze!

    Kung hoi Phat Choi Tracy!

    Won't get to do too much gaming this wkend but downloaded the demo's for Darkness II and Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning last night so looking to give those a go over the weekend. Has anyone played them yet? I thought the first Darkness was pretty awesome.

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