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I've just eaten a packet of Berry Bliss, I'm on my third can of Pepsi Max, and by jeeves my ruddy fingers are sore. This, and the fact that I'm writing like an Englishman, must mean that it's Friday. And it's time for Community Kudos.

This post is the only thing separating me from Mass Effect 3 right now, so you'll forgive me if I'm a little hasty.

Alrighty then! Kudos noms...

We have a runover nom that Tracey forwarded to me from her stupid hotel room in stupid San Francisco where she is currently attending the stupid Games Development Conference. That nom was from Virus__ who wanted to nominate Freeze for being generous and stuff.

Virus__ also dropped some noms for this week as well. He nommed the "lovely" Scree (I'm not quoting to be sarcastic, that's just the actual word Virus__ used) "because she deserves it". Sounds like a good enough reason to me.

Noms from Strange usually hit my inbox at some point on a Friday, but this time round it hit super early. Strange nominated Rivers Melrose for his comments in this post. I'm not sure if this guy was a non-regular poster or an alias, but I agree with Strange — his comments really helped defuse a potentially stupid situation with humour. Great job.

I had a great nom from Jordaan (sorry, don't know your tag off hand) for Snacuum. I'll let him explain, because I think it defines one of the reasons why Kotaku Australia can be a great place to visit.

We had an ongoing argument in the comment section of the SFxT On-Disc DLC article, with very strongly differing opinions, and Snacuum remained a gentleman the whole time, which is mighty respectable, given this happened on the internet. So, yeah, big ol' nom for Snacuum for being polite. Utterly wrong, but polite.


Greenius nomm'd Yellius because he felt sorry for his totally sucky colour, and he also did one of those "I NOM EVERYONE" noms. I like those. Apparently a lot of folks helped him out this week with computer issues.

And — hold the presses folks — JUST THIS SECOND CAKESMITH ALSO GAVE ME "I NOM ALL THE PEOPLES" NOM. You just made it man — just by the skin of your teeth.

Oh, and Greenius got a nom — from Welbot!

Nom time again! This time I'm going to nom Greenius! Why? Cos we've had a game of Draw Something going for over 40 turns and still going strong! Many a laugh has been had and it's been keeping me sane at work! Have to give props to DAN! too, cos he's equally as awesome, but he's a little slower, so he just misses out! HURRY UP AND HAVE YOUR TURN DAN!!!! LOL!

Effluvium Boy. He doesn't like words this guy...


Kudos Noms: Rocketman – Freakin’ hilarious (More than usual) Rebecca – Freakin’ hilarious Ynefel - \o/ Bish – Freakin’ hilarious. Organised Meat like a boss


At first I thought McGarnical's nom was out of the blue — he nommed Weresmurf for a comment made a pretty long time ago. But then I read the comment, which was ace and made a great point. Then it sort of made sense. Good call, and good spot. For the record, I totally agree.

Phew. [Checks inbox one last time] I think that's it! Now for the winner...

I think I'm going to go with Bish. Mainly because he is organising the Sydney Meat, and those things can be quite a lot of effort. Have a good weekend, and if I can drag myself away from Mass Effect 3 I'll see some of you on Saturday night!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Yes, but Dragon Age 2 re-uses the same areas sumtimes.

    Yay! Bish!

    Well done,
    A winner, a man-lion, a panther-tiger, a . . . a wolf-eagle . . . yes . . . a scorpion-dragon-king! We tremble before you in fear scorpion-dragon-panther-king! Please take the weakest amongst as some kind of paltry and meaningless sacrifice. Their death will mean nothing in the shadow of your mighty valor! Let me live and I will tell you things I’m inventing.

    I’m inventing names for things . . . such as people who win this bizarre Friday afternoon love clinic, support group, “Oh my god why don’t they just get a room already”, employee of the week type scenario.

    Do you know what else I’m doing? Nothing important . . . Just the finishing touches on my cinema to stage adaptation of Top Gun. Jeepers - nothing important! - that’s pretty much the most important thing ever, if you really want to know the truth; I’m joking, it’s probably only like the second most important thing of all time.

    I’m playing Maverick by the way, in Top Gun, but it’s not a Tom Cruise circa Top Gun character translation. No, I’ve taken more of a Tom Cruise circa Magnolia aesthetic. Do you see? I’ve taken Tom Cruise’s T.J Mackey and illustrated him in the tangent Top Gun universe: volleyball, motorcycles, unambiguous homoerotic subtext, metal under tension, and an endless highway ridden hard into the “danger zone”. My motorcycle? You better believe I put that away wet.

    Remember when I said: “tangent Top Gun universe”? Research suggests that’s not correct. Allow me to amend my previous statement by instead suggesting that Top Gun was something more of a ‘multiverse’, if you will.

    Air Boss Johnson, Wolfman, Goose, Sundown, Hollywood, Maverick, Cougar - these characters inhabit pluralistic universes colliding and crashing into each other between story threads and intersecting narratives.

    Do I paint but one universe as some kind of homage to a crude or rudimentary modern day convenience? To reduce theatre to a glossy Hollywood sheen packaged for a popcorn crowd awaiting their next Vin Diesel masterpiece? No. No I don’t. Do I not condemn Vin Diesel as the death of stage and screen and question his motivations, question hard the very criteria that makes him so very Vin Diesel-esque? “Who are you, Vin Diesel?” I would ask. “What are you doing?” Simple questions, yes, but questions in wait of answer. Vin Diesel knows nothing of the danger zone.

    And what about crawfish? Another simple question. What about crawfish? What about them? Did you know crawfish is but an Americanism for crayfish! It’s a funny world, let me tell you.

    But this is all just important research for the upcoming Cast Away production. I’m auditioning for the Tom Hanks character: Chuck Noland. In this particular play, Wilson is actually a female water-aerobics instructor. So, as you can see, a brave reinvention of popular modern cinema; we can all agree on that.

    Also, when you see “langouste” written on a menu, let me tell you, that’s crayfish also - in Paris: nothing is as it seems, but that’s not important right now. “Langouste” is all you really need to remember. And also - the other important thing you need to remember - Top Gun is, remember what I said before: “a multiverse”.

    I got my automobile back from the garage earlier so I feel a certain urgency to go for a drive, clear my head. Imagine my surprise, if you will, when I opened the glovebox only to discover a a bag full of drag and a Nicki Minaj mixtape! How very curious. How very quite peculiar.

    Everything in its right place,

    The Kippster.

    Oh good I didn't get left out this week, thanks Mark =D

    Grats to Bish, that's deserving in my opinion!

    w00t! Bish ftw! So wish I could join in for the meat this weekend, but I'm still moving :( Still.. I have meat to look forward to in 2 weeks time! w00t!

    Rivers Melrose,

    Yo, that is so hot like Orange County, yo.

    Hold up, yo, check my swag, this is Hollywood for real . . . and I’m talking Bev-erly Hills. Lights, camera, action!

    From the Hollywood valley to the hills, yo, you’ll see me more Bel air than Hollywood and more Beverly Hills than Bel Air. And nobody seen money like they got, nobody seen that kind of money in the boondocks. It’s Rivers Melrose, yo, a.k.a. “90210”, yo.

    Do you know Basic Instinct. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but it was Sharon Stone who did it, yo. No kidding. Because it was what she said in the stories she did; it was like that. And it’s like the same thing in Basic Instinct 2, the clue is what Sharon Stone writes in the books - that’s the thing people don’t get. But because she’s so smart she can trick everyone.

    That’s good , yo. You did really good. That’s the best this week. I couldn’t be happier about this. Everybody did real good.

    It’s good to be Friday though, yo. Right on. No kidding. I’ve got so much to do though. I liked the Tell Us Dammit section from this week - that was one of my favourites. Or I also like Ask Me Stuff. I guess that makes everyone a winner, but not really.

    And I liked that story about the call centre and the way people like pretend real life is like in a video game to make people more happy. I didn’t understand it too much, but it was like if I was always inside the video game then I wouldn’t be unhappy no more. I’d also be like collecting coins and killing bad guys. I don’t know. But it was written real good is the thing I liked most. You don’t need to understand something too much if the words sound good when you read them aloud. Something like: it’s not what you say, but how you say it or something like that. That was my favourite thing this week that I remember.

    Do you know Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man? He goes to work for the Office of Scientific Investigation to pay the government for how much it cost to make him which is $6, 000, 000, like it says on the name of the show. How long would it take to do that just going after the bad guys like that? I mean, what kind of value do you put on just always going after bad guys? But Steve Austin is a good astronaut, and also a good pilot and good at catching bad guys too.

    I’m also learning more about John Kennedy. And practicing my rapping skills. I’m releasing a self-titled album called 90210 pretty soon. I’m just going to sell it at our local markets that we have. People can swap and buy things there. I bought a VHS player there and some old tapes of surfing and skiing and one of Michael Jordan doing all these slam dunks. And also the kung-fu movies that are my favourite. I also got New Jack City. And also one with Lionel Richie in it.

    I also got a Melrose Place 90210 VHS that I’d never heard about before. Pretty much after I watched that I knew my rap name would be Rivers Melrose or just 90210. Some people just call me, 90210.
    90210 is just the ZIP/post code for Beverly Hills, California. So it means my swag is like so 90210. I say, “Check my swag,” a lot! That’s in one of my raps:

    My swag is so 90210, yo
    fresh flow, wild like jungles and not tame,
    That’s Cali, and it’s Coastal,
    2 minutes time I’m going postal,
    Not tame, an untouchable fame
    I even seen Ben Affleck in Reindeer Games,
    That’s whack, yo, I didn’t see that,
    Too busy watching New Jack,
    That’s the city,
    With Wesley Snips and Ice-T,
    Everywhere I go people see me,
    They want to be me,
    ‘Caus’ I’m sitting-crooked leaning like my post code
    That’s 90210, yo
    That’s the mad swag, the million-dollar baby
    You can call her Hillary Swank,
    And yeah I’m memorising her for my spank-bank,
    Believe that . . .

    That’s just the first song on my album, I’m doing a music video for it also. Some of the lyrics are a bit MA+, but there are also songs for everyone to enjoy.

    I’m also building like a thing in my backyard to try and recreate the setting of that movie The 36th Chamber of Shaolin where me and my friends can fight each other. So you have to pick one guy to take on everyone else and make it through the 35 chambers until the end and that guy has to beat everyone.

    I don’t have much room or anything to make the chambers so a lot of the chambers will be kind of vertical and up high like stacked. The more people you beat the higher up you have to fight the next person. One of the chambers will just be on the roof of the house so that’s one less level I need to build.

    Some people will have to fight twice or more and really practice to be good at their chamber. A lot of the building materials for the chambers I found in our shed, but I’m getting help buying the rest of the stuff I need from the shops.

    I’m living in the backyard at the moment so I can really plan the 35 chambers as good as I can. I’m doing lots of drawings for it so I know what to do and then my friends can help me also. It means I get to sleep in a tent and I’m right near the swimming pool also.

    So it’s really fun, yo. And I also have to paint my car for the music video too - the one for my rap album. I’m drawing a picture of Erykah Badu like as a mermaid swimming down the car in like this crystal water. And maybe Captain Jack Sparrow on the other side if I get time.

    Check my swag,

    it's 90210, yo.

    It's hard to take an article seriously when I take "nom" to be the sound of eating something :P

    Kudos to those who won though

    Yay Bish! \o/
    One of these days Mark, you'll remember to put something in explaining what Kudos is and how it works... :P

    Congrats to Bish!

    (I look forward to the day that Mark adds 'How to Nom' details to this post.)

    Bahahaha, Oh Bish, second Kudos for Bishing around at meats. Good work.

    Grats Bish!

    Actually it was a de-nom for Yellowius because it's a crummy colour but since we now know who's behind it (TWAS FREEZE ALL ALONG!) he can have an actual nom for all the unexpected laughs.

    Thanks for the nom welbot :D Draw Something has quickly become one of my favourite iPhone games. So much lols! I love how quickly you make your moves as well. I've got my highest streak ever with you :)

    It didn't happen :(

    I think I'm in love with the tags! <3

    For all those wondering what Kudos is about.. let me explain.. We here at Kotaku are awesome.. plain and simple. It all began a long time ago.. Perhaps in the Wildgoose days.. perhaps earlier.. I can't remember.
    It used to be that Wildgoose would just pick someone that he believed had contributed in a good way to the community. Whether that be just by making helpful or insightful comments, or sometimes because someone did something generous, like give another member something.
    Somewhere down the line, it was suggested that to take the pressure off the editor in scouring through all the posts, that people could nominate people they believed were worthy of Kudos.
    Sometimes the noms are just a bit of a laugh, but othertimes they're very serious and want to ensure that the person receives recognition for what they have said or done.
    So.. in short.. if you notice someone doing something awesome, and believe the whole community should be aware of it, send mark or tracey an email with your nomination. mark.serrels at or tracey.lien at I believe.. correct me if that's wrong.
    The person mark or tracey deem to be the most worthy, then sends an email with their details, and get a prize mailed out. Could be a keyring, could be a game, could be a figurine.. depends what they have lying about ;) It's 99% of the time game related though!
    Back in the WIldgoose days, he would post a pack of stuff, and you'd get to choose 3 things, but that went the way of the dodo when Serrels came on board.. he started his own tradition of surprising you with your goodies! Love it or hate it.. whatever. It's awesome! It's just a way of Kotaku saying "Thanks for not being an ass!"
    Now.. start by sending serrels an email and nominating me for Kudos (just for practice you know.. so you get the hang of things) and then next week, keep an eye out for all kinds of awesome that happens around here, and nominate someone else ;)

      Mark/Tracey/Logan/Other please add something like this to the start/end of Community Kudos to help encourage more nominations :)

      When I started joining the Community I didn't know how to submit a nomination for Kudos and I didn't even know what it was about until 3 or 4 weeks after I joined. Because this information wasn't really available (unless you ask someone) it felt harder to get more involved within the Community and it was somewhat discouraging. From the outside it looked like Community Kudos was just for those involved within Talk Amongst Yourselves (TAY) when it's far from it. Even after reading that I just learnt something new about Community Kudos :P. I wasn't even aware there was prizes!

      To anyone reading this who's thinking about joining the Community. Do it. We're a friendly bunch :)

      Nice post Welbot..except you're kind of wrong.

      Wildgoose had a competition once upon a time to get rid of The Kotaku Big Pile Of Crap, he gave stuff to the person he thought had the best comments of the week and that's where those pick from options community prizes came from.

      A while later, when Serrels first came along he started Community Kudos, and I was the first winner because he felt guilty for calling me a boy about 3 times after being corrected. :P
      I think the nominations became more prevalent after instant comments were introduced because Mark couldn't keep up with everything that was going on when he wasn't moderating all the comments.

        Woah...way harsher-sounding than I intended! Sorry, Welbot!

        Well.. I know the wildgoose one wasn't exactly called Kudos, but that's where the tradition started. Just giving a little background info for peeps who didn't know. Same concept.. different execution :)

          I can't remember what Goose used to call it (but I remember the Captain Planet Kotaku picture) but whilst looking I uncovered this bad boy:

          "You’ve almost got the bloody Talk Amongst Yourselves up to 400 comments"



    Thanks, but I am not worthy two Plainview posts /o\
    Not one, two!


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