Dragon's Dogma's Ur-Dragon Is Too Tough For Any One Gamer

Meet Dragon's Dogma's Ur-Dragon. He's sort of like a video game kickstarter, except that he doesn't need tons of gamers to fund him. He needs tons of gamers to kill him.

The Ur-Dragon, like some of the epic bosses in Infinity Blade II and other online-connected games, is an enemy that is designed to be slayed in an asynchronous group effort. According to the folks promoting this feature, players of the ostensibly single-player Dragon's Dogma will find this dragon somewhere in the game and will hopefully help to defeat it.

A blogger for the game's publisher/developer Capcom explains:

"The effect and damage done by of each of these parties will be combined until the creature is defeated. This will take multiple encounters, but all players who inflict damage on the Ur-Dragon will receive great spoils. The person who inflicts the final blow will receive the greatest reward of all, and all slayers of the Ur-Dragon will have their names and play times recorded in the hall of fame for bragging rights. Meanwhile, offline players will still be able to take on the Ur-Dragon alone, but will receive different rewards at the end."

Neat! I'll help if I can find it. Dragon's Dogma will be out later this month for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The Ur-Dragon - Combine Your Strength [Capcom-Unity blog]


    That looks really cool. Can't help but notice that video there has the HUD off. From the demo, I reckon this game needs a serious UI overhaul.

      as the demo said - it was from a WIP game - i'm sure they would have that pretty much fixed by release - it's too much not to recognise.

    Holy crap - that dragon looks AMAZING!!!

    The more i see of this game, the more i want it! :D

    Played the demo and it really didn't do to much for me. It never felt like I was in control, I hacked and slashed with my character (button mashed) but my companions seemed to do just what they wanted.
    It looks pretty though.

      I know! My companions kept picking up all my loot! Nobody picks up my loots, no one but me! It was like playing a PUG in an MMO with a group full of ninjas.

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