What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Are you guys sick of hearing me say I'm going to play Trials HD and Fez yet? Well, I'm saying it anyway. This weekend I'll most likely be playing Trials Evolution and Fez! But what will you be playing this weekend?

I haven't had too much time to play both games lately, being overseas and all, so I'm looking forward to actually finishing all the tracks on Trials HD. I'm currently about halfway through the 'Hard' tracks, and I'm 'excited' about trying out the extreme tracks. Honestly, at this point Trials Evolution is tied with Journey for my favourite game of the 2012 thus far. Really enjoying it.

Fez? Well, I hope I get time to explore it more. I've put about three hours into and my enjoyment has come in waves. The initial 'wow' of perspective shifting was replaced with frustration at the confusing map system, which was, in turn, replaced with awe when the structure began to fall into place. I think it may be a game I come back to a bit later, because it's truly deserving of more time.

Anyway — what are you guys playing this weekend?


    The same thing I play every weekend... LoL with a touch of FIFA and KOA:R. I'm also planning on having a Ghibli session, I haven't watched Totoro for like a week now.

    Trials, trying to stay in the top 3.

    And Witcher 2, it hasn't grabbed me yet but I am enjoying just marching about.

    With all the Skyrim talk lately, I finally got around to finding a fix for the bug in Alduin's Wall which stopped me playing a couple of months back (Esbern and Delphine Disappeared). Also some mods have piqued my interest, so it'll be a Skyrim weekend for me :D

    Kinda strange, how I avoided most of the main quest line for about 150 hours, but as soon as I couldn't progress any further in the main quest, I lost interest in the game...

    I upgraded my PC this week so I'll be going through my Steam list and trying everything on 'High' graphics settings.

    Then probably just Skyrim or something.

    Fallout. The first one. I only just found this game, and it's awesome. I already finished it once, but the day I finished it I found out about the fan fixes and patches so I installed them and started again. I've made better choices this time. My character's pretty bad-ass.

    Once I've finished I'm going to play through Max Payne 1 & 2 again in preparation for the release of 3.

    Trials, and packing... but mainly trials. Ive not really played much the last few days so looking to get back into it.

    Finally getting back into ME3, might even try out the multiplayer, haven't had a chance yet

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