While You Were Sleeping

I'm sick again. Ugh. So I've spent the whole night coughing and blowing rancid bogeys from my nose. But that doesn't mean the gaming world stops turning! News happens! And it has happened. Mostly Diablo III stuff, but that's another story.

That said, I figure that not everyone is a fan of Diablo — so what about the other things that are going on?

For example — how about the fact that there's new Halo 4 information, about its multiplayer and the fact it'll have 'episodes'? These are narrative-driven stories that just so happen to also be multiplayer. As much as my multiplayer preference is for 4v4 Team Slayer, this is intriguing.

Saints Row 3 — many people had it pegged as one of the best games of 2011. Not me, but other people! Apparently Saints Row 4 is turning up on LinkedIn resumes. Well, THQ would be silly not to make another...

Other stuff? How about this incredible, incredible video game setup? How about some gorgeous new Crysis 3 screens?

Wow, an entire 'While You Were Sleeping' without a Diablo III story... I'm kinda proud of myself!

In Short: Halo 4 Will Have Weekly Multiplayer Episodes Gorgeous New Crysis 3 Screens Show Off Destroyed New York Saints Row 4 For Current Generation Consoles Shows Up On LinkedIn Lionhead Possibly Making Hybrid MMOOffline Game For Next Xbox The Ultimate Video Game Set-Up


    That dog is still asleep.

    Saints Row 4! I still have to play SR3, which is sitting on my pile of shame. Boohoo. And I didn't even realise this Enter the Dominatrix is a standalone expansion to 3!

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