While You Were Sleeping

It's a long weekend, but you know there is no such thing as an extra day off in the world of video games. Well, you did good, because the news waits for no one.

Logan was on duty this weekend for Kotaku Australia, and you'll see him around here today as well. On Saturday he brought our attention to yet another error Diablo III error — this one is upsetting players in some non-English speaking countries. Even though Aussie players won't be affected, we're all wondering just how bad things will get for Blizzard.

Logan also has details on Neal Stephenson's plan to make a swordfighting game. The famous science-fiction writer insists there's a definitive art to poking each other with bits of sharpened steel, but he needs a certain amount of crowdsourced money to show you what he means.

In other gaming news, Valve is working on a movie that has nothing to do with Half-Life, Owen wrote up his impressions of Borderlands 2, and there's a video of multiplayer units in the upcoming StarCraft expansion.

In short: Does Size Matter? Single Planetside 2 Continent And Battlefield 3′s Caspian Border Compared Stupidity Was Immensely Rewarding In Space Quest III Strikingly Accurate Tipster Resurfaces With Info On Mass Effect 3′s Multiplayer DLC Extension Once Crysis 3 Is Done, Crytek Will Be Working On Nothing But Free-to-Play Games

Image: rofanator/Flickr


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