While You Were Sleeping: E3 Edition

Well I just had a wee bit of sleep, and I feel terrible! First the bad news — Nintendo's conference wasn't as good as we hoped it would be. The good news? There's still a whole heap of interesting stuff to be found. Head inside for a round up.

The Nintendo conference opened with the biggest news — the reveal of Pikmin 3. It looked... a lot like Pikmin, but features — as you'd expect — a whole host of new features built around the new Wii U Gamepad. The biggest surprise for me was the fact that the default controller for the game is the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

Miyamoto revealed the game onstage, and started by speaking English, and acting all goofy. Oh Shiggy, I wish you were my dad.

There were surprisingly few games revealed during the conference. Very few. But a number of third party games were announced — we were sort of shocked to see that Mass Effect 3 was among them.

And finally, this is what the black Wii U looks like. It looks like a black Wii U. Who knew?

But it wasn't all about the Wii U last night. We got our first look at Halo 4's multiplayer, got even more disappointed by Elder Scrolls Online, and got a glimpse of how much Final Fantasy XIV has changed.

Oh, and I almost forgot. No Majora's Mask HD. That game was a terrible, yet gorgeous lie.

In Short Wow, Final Fantasy XIV, You've Changed Oh, If Only This Majora's Mask HD Trailer Had Been Real Pikmin 3's E3 Trailer Is Like A Sight For Sore Eyes See Mario's Creator Act Like A Goofball On Stage At E3 Mass Effect 3 Makes Its Nintendo Debut On The Wii U I'm Knee Deep In Synthetic Bad Guys In Halo 4's Bold New Multiplayer Not Even The Elder Scrolls Online's Cinematic Trailer Is Helping Get A Good Look At The New Black Wii U


    I wonder if the Mass Effect Wii will have a way to decide on past decisions, like the PS3 version of ME2?

      I'm hoping save files of the PC version will be transferable - it's as easy as loading it onto the SD card. Hopefully Bioware will allow that.

    I was a bit disappoint overall, especially considering the 'trailer' I liked the most was the fake Majora's Mask :(

    Or maybe its just because Majora's Mask is one of my all time favourite games :P

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