Magrunner Is What Portal 2 Would Look Like With Magnets, Dash Of Lovecraft

Magrunner Is What Portal 2 Would Look Like With Magnets, Dash Of Lovecraft

Cyberpunk? Lovecraft? These are not narrative entities often forced to make out until a game-baby is disgorged from whatever terrifying orifices such genres might own and deposited, screaming and oscillating between realities, into our awaiting feeding tubes. 3AM Games was brave enough to attempt the fusion and, abandoning all morals, also tossed Portal‘s Chell into this nightmarish boudoir. Magrunner is the result.

So, you’ve finished vomiting from the opening paragraph and want to know more?

Instead of space-bending doorways of blue and orange light, Magrunner features red and blue magnetic points that can be altered to attract or repel each other. Instead of a smooth white gun, Yoshi, the game’s hero, gets a device called that “Magtech glove” that dispenses polarity reversing energy.

The game starts off in an Aperture-like laboratory, full of sharp angles and inhumanly clean surfaces, but slowly transforms into a disturbing world inspired by HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos and finished off with a crusty coating of the Gibson. The gameplay starts around the 1:45 mark, so feel free to skip to that as I’ve covered off most of what’s said in the opening period.

Magrunner‘s due out sometime in Q1 2013, going by the title’s Gamesplanet page, so you might want to check up on it if you haven’t had your fill of Portal-like puzzle-solving and mechanics.

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