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Man, this week is dead in terms of console releases — almost literally dead — but on PC? There's a fair amount of new releases. Oh, also — Ashes Cricket. Australians like cricket, right?

Ashes Cricket 2013 (360/PS3)

What is it? It's that cricket game. About cricket. Should you care? If you're a big cricket fan you don't really have a choice! Ah, this series isn't too bad from what I can remember, but I know very, very little about cricket.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (PS Vita)

What is it? It's the second Epic Mickey game, finally made it to the PS Vita! Should you care? Well, I say no. Sorry Warren Spector. I know that makes me some sort of philistine, but I am what I am.

Fist Puncher (PC)

What is it? I can't believe there's a game called Fist Puncher. This is great. Fist Puncher came off a successful Kickstarter and has now finally gotten its release of Steam. Should you care? I loved these types of games when I was young and if you did, you'll probably want a piece of this.

Jak and Daxter Trilogy (PS Vita)

What is it? This, my friends, is a good deal. Should you care? I really think you should. Perfect for handhelds.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse (PC)

What is it? A Portal-esque shooter of sorts. This is a puzzle game that I'm actually a little intrigued by. Looks good. Should you care? I think you should investigate. If you're into this type of game it might be worth the risk.

Pro Cycling Manager 2013 (PC)

What is it? This might be the most niche game of all time. Should you care? I'm loathe to slag this off. I used to work in the same offices as a major Cycling website and those guys took this sort of thing seriously. They would love this game.


    No, Australians don't like cricket, Mark. We only like sports that we're good at.

    We used to like cricket. But not any more.

      Yeah, we're all about Olympic swi-- wait shit. Hm.
      What're we about now?

        Australian Rules Football. We're bloody awesome at that. We'll take on and beat any and all challengers.

          "Nahmate, your lot got a penalty when you caught the ball after it'd been punted by the man designated as the Fibjigger. Fibjigger's the one getting marked by our own Tadge-bingle, an'he can't punt, only kick. The bingle changes every kick, cycling by jersey number. Whaddya mean that's not in the rules? It's AUSTRALIAN rules, innit? Are you Australian? No? Then I guess you don't make up the rules, do you?"

          Last edited 17/06/13 2:52 pm


            /Daryl Eastlake voice

      Seriously though, I'd like to know if the game's any good.

    Vita sounds pretty good just for these collections alone, now that it's a more reasonable price. Very tempting

    Pssst's WARREN Spector.....the PC blowhards will lynch you....

      Isn't Phil Spector the shady music producer?

        Hahaha, yes the man who held a gun to The Ramones and also apparently The Beatles. He was definitely crazy.

    I've never played Jak & Daxter, but hey it's Naughty Dog so maybe I should!

      Yeah... I'm thinking of picking up the PS3 version of that once I finish The Last Of Us. And once I finish it again on the harder difficulty :P

        Anyone that hasn't played the Jak & Daxter games before should definitely get it, fantastic games. I'll be getting the PS3 version myself so I can replay them all.

        Ozgameshop has the PS3 version at $30, EB is almost double that at $58.

        The Vita version is $35 at OGS or $38 at EB.

          My Vita is my first Sony machine since my PlayStation (the PS One). I'll definitely pick this up at some point. I have a US account and it's apparently $30 digitally.

    Huh. I always thought you guys just didn't bother with PC releases, because there were always new games on Steam that you didn't talk about. But now I'm starting to realise you guys might not know there's always new games on Steam each week...

    Maybe Kotaku AU needs a dedicated PC journalist.

      By dedicated journalist you mean someone who reads reddit right?

      Agreed. All through E3 I was waiting on an article, a paragraph, even a single sentence mentioning Rome 2. I found nothing on here. It's my most anticipated game after GTA V this year and I can't believe I'm the only one looking forward to it loads. Pick up the slack Kotaku

        do you shacknews as well?

      Read Rock Paper Shotgun for PC-only gaming news. Delivered with delightful British humour and its commentors have a thing for puns.

    would be nice if jak and daxter was crossbuy and had cross save like the new sly cooper... haven't opened my ps3 copy yet lol

    Hmmm Jak & Daxter...


    Sadly not Kick Puncher.

    No too much for me in the gaming releases at the moment. I blew this weeks gaming money on buying new rechargeable batteries and chargers for use in my various gaming devices. Score I guess?

    Last edited 17/06/13 10:45 am

    FOR VITA?!?!


    "If you’re a big cricket fan you don’t really have a choice!"

    This time you do actually - Big Ant Studios (the guys behind Rugby League Live and AFL Live) will be coming out with their cricket title in a few months.

    And for some self promotion, a run down of it vs Ashes Cricket

    Last edited 17/06/13 2:48 pm

      Good call man, Ashes has now been delayed, a day before release. Dodgy as. Big Ant's version does look heaps better though, so just wait for that. The rage on the forums regarding 505 games effort is massive. Not happy.

    Hmm...I thought New Super Luigi U was out this week? I hope it is anyway....I guess it may not feature on this list because its DLC and the disc based version is out sometime in July.

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