What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Last night I made a decision. That decision came halfway through playing a game I really didn't want to play. A game I wasn't enjoying that much. I was playing this game for Shameless Gaming month, trying to reduce my pile of shame, but I had an epiphany...

I thought — instead of trying to spend the month playing and finishing lots of games — why not just pick the one game I've always wanted to invest time in, but always felt intimidated by. Why not spend the entire month just playing Dark Souls?

Yes. That is what I will do.

So this weekend, I will be mostly playing Dark Souls. What are you guys and girls going to play?


    Gemini Rue. Released today on GOG. Had a damn good time with Resonance last week and am in the traditional adventure game mindset. Should be good, man.

      It's excellent.

        Awesome! I played the demo last week, didn't even leave the first screen because that was enough to convince me. I loved the atmosphere, colour pallette, the planetary communicator and the promise of the story. Really can't wait!

        (I hear congratulations is in order if Twitter stalking is any thing to go by. :P Way to go, man!)

    Im playing juggle the money between my accounts cause of the STEAM SALE!
    Also trying to finish DE:HR, but World of Tanks has just opened a new beta server and i think/know thats where il end up for the weekend....

    Definitely some Blacklight: Retribution, Torchlight and shamelessly some Rock Band 3 :)

      I admit I felt awkward playing Rock Band 2 at home by myself with Bryan Adams and Alanis Morrisette cranking out.

    I'll keep chipping away at StarCraft. Other than that, I don't really know. Maybe Half Life 2: Episode 2? Ico? Dead Space?

    Decisions are tough.

      I finished Ico last weekend, it's great and not too long. Perfect game to knock off your backlog.

    Deus Ex Human Reveloution

    I will spend more time with Dark Souls. It has consumed me.

    What game were you having trouble enjoying Mark? I know you were struggling with Max Payne 3 towards the end of your sleep experiment. I am playing it at the moment and feel very compelled to keep going, it's got a great story.

    Due to the Steam Sale, I'll be playing either Doom 3 or Quake 4.

    I will finish a game for Shameless Gaming Month, I will finish a game for Shameless Gaming Month...

    Got bored playing inFamous but picked it up again two nights ago and am determined to finish it. I have all the powers and have freed half of the final island, so I gotta be close. Still bored though.

      I remember absolutely blitzing through the last few missions in that game. I enjoyed it though, so I think I just fell into some sort of rhythm.

    I'm heading interstate to visit family this weekend, however I'm still packing Diablo 3 along with my laptop, so hopefully I can pilfer the folks internet for a bit tonight and across the weekend.

    Otherwise, it's Angry Birds on the iPad until I'm back home lol

      Here is that 'I MIGHT be able to play this game if I can get internet where I'm going' scenario. Companies like Blizzard, who insist on a persistent internet connection for their games to work, are a bad joke.

    Blasting through Shank 1 & 2. Ignored both of these titles at launch.
    I'm halfway through Shank 1 and loving it. Reminds me of Metal Slug with a more gritty and less military feel.

    whatevers being played at RFLAN....

    Is it worth playing through Demons Souls before Dark Souls? I want to pass Dark Souls but I don't want to be missing out on anything by skipping Demons Souls.

      Personally I felt Dark Souls was better. At points Demon's Souls felt more tedious than hard and dying on a boss required me to spend ages just trudging through enemy after enemy just to get to the fight again. Dark Souls does it better with checkpoints and whatnot and I had a lot more fun playing it :)

      I wouldn't say it's necessary but it might be hard to get back into after playing Dark Souls.

        I mean more in terms of story/lore, I have only played Dark Souls for about half an hour and I'm not sure how important story is in these games or if they are directly related.

          The stories are not related at all. I recently played through Demon's Souls in anticipation of Dark Souls being released on pc soon.

          I really enjoyed Demon's Souls, racked up about 80hrs and 3+ playthroughs... all for $8! Not complaining here. Easily one of the best JRPG's I have played... ever

          Demon's Souls looks better and sounds better - it has much more atmosphere about it. The visuals and sounds are slicker, whereas the visuals of Dark Souls are gritty and disjointed in comparison whilst still being good.

          Demon's Souls also has more action - it's less of an open world and so there are less stretches of nothing to do but slowly jog, which becomes more apparent mid-way through Dark Souls. That said, Demon's Souls is a little tedious if you're prone to death. Even when you're not, such as having a high level mage with a strong ranged attack, it can be tedious due to a lack of challenge.

          Story isn't a big factor in either.

          Either way, you will enjoy either game if you're not frustrated by a challenge, and can set them aside when they're no longer challenging.

      IMO Demons Souls was a superior game. It was the perfect difficulty and the setting felt more engaging. So yeah play it first but play both.

    Just bought the Deus Ex Collection this morning. I'll be playing through the first one this weekend.

    I've started Assassin's Creed Brotherhood this week. So I'll be continuing with that. Only up to the 3rd sequence so far, but really enjoying running through and doing my own thing for the most part

    Personally I shall be playing DayZ all weekend :D

    MGS3, SR3, Shogun 2 and whatever else I can buy :P

    Lego Bats 2 and *sigh* finishing The Amazing Spider-Man

    Hopefully Skyward sword. Must finish it!

    Earlier in the week I completed the story of Ratchet & Clank again, but I need to go back and grind out bolts for the Gold weapons and do the skill points again.

    Once complete, I'll start on something else.

    RAGE is my current pile of shame game but I have not played games for the last 2 nights. Will try getting through more of that on the wekend. Other than that, I bought quantum conundrum so want to check that out.

      You're buying more games! That's not how SGM works :)

      Though I can't talk - My current tally for the month is 0 games finished, 3 bought.

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