What Sports Do You Play/Watch?

Every Tuesday at 11am we drop the games chat and ask about something completely different. And why not? The last couple of weeks I've been watching Wimbledon pretty religiously, and it got me wondering — what kind of sports are you guys and girls into? Or what sport do you play?

When it comes to watching sports, I have a pretty broad taste. But for the most part I'll watch soccer and tennis. Particularly around the grand slams for tennis, and the latter stages of the major tournaments ,like the Champion's League and the World Cup for soccer.

What about you guys? Any interest in watching sports? Or playing?


    The only sports I find myself watching these days is AFL and Pro Starcraft 2. Both are often exciting and intense to watch.

    Playing? I'm pretty awesome at table tennis... and drinking games.

      If we're going to count eSports, I should add SC2 and LoL to my list of stuff I watch.

      Loved Homestory Cup this weekend. Was surprised to see Nerchio, of all people, come away as the winner. Fell asleep early in the first game of MC vs Nerchio, thinking that MC would win the series easily. Wake up in the morning with the stream still going, with Take saying that Nerchio just beat Yonghwa 4-1.

      It was a confusing morning.

      Oh and Stephano won the French National Championships without losing a single game. I doubt any one else is going to be able to pull of that feat in their nationals.

    I've been going to the AFL since I was a kid (when the Gabba still had standing sections, we'd run around collecting the knockoff pogs that were on the bottom of Coke cups). Was there for the first night game. Was behind the goals when the Mark of the Century happened. Was there when Jason Dunstall kicked some milestone amount of goals (he also managed to hit me in the face earlier in the same match because my seats were behind the goals and I wasn't paying attention).

    So yeah. AFL is definitely one of the sports I follow.

    Right now, the other big one is the Tour de France. I don't really follow any other cycling, there's just something about the Tour that's pretty damned awesome.

    Two days into the Tour, my TV decided that it would no longer show SBS. Good thing they stream the coverage live on their website.

    Shame that Cadel Evans is losing time to Bradley Wiggans. Not too sure how he'll get all of that time back.

      He should be able to pull back the time in the mountains since Wiggins isn't as good as climber as Cadel is. If Cadel isn't at least 2 minutes ahead by the time of the last TT then I doubt he'll take the yellow in Paris. Of course thats assuming both steer clear of any crashes in the mountains or on the transition between the Pyrenne's and the Alps.

        He's a better climber and one of the best descenders but I can't see Cadel doing a Contador-like burst up a mountain to get some serious time on anyone. Maybe I'm just too used to seeing Contador and Schleck do insane things on the way up mountains, so I can't see how Cadel is going to get in front.

        Last year, Cadel won with a herculean chase and a great time trial. That's very different to what he needs to do this year.

      I have a feeling Cadel may make a few unexpected moves in the mountains :)

        I don't those moves are unexpected at all :p

        Sky did well to deprive Cadel of his teammates in the first couple of climbs. If they keep riding like that, I don't know what BMC is going to be able to do to get Cadel enough time.

    Watching. Pretty much anything. AFL if I'm in the mood and the Bombers are in decent form. Saturday nights match was hard to watch after the 1st quarter. I watched every Celtics game from the NBA regular and post season. Enjoyed the heck out of it. If One HD has a decent NFL match up I'll watch that. And Nascar/F1.

    I'll watch the football (soccer for the plebeians) occasionally, State of Origin whenever it's on, occasional NRL matches, most Wallabies matches, tennis finals, occasionally UFC, and occasionally the F1.

    I used to play Rugby. After you dislocate your spine (bad tackle), the doctors aren't so keen on you playing contact sports.

    I play squash, and I used to play badminton. Squash gives a much better workout though.

    The only sport I've found interesting to watch is actually Rallying (or Rally Racing), particularly the WRC. Something about idiots + roads with normal speed limits of 60km/h + actually busting down them at 100km/h = crazy times.

      Oh man, rally driving is the best motorsport. Takes far more skill than most other racing (I'm looking at you, NASCAR).

        "Okay, so we're going to do an extensive overview of today's course. After the start, there's a steady left hand bend. You'll want to be careful as everyone is going to bunch up there and it might get a bit hectic. After that there's a bit of a straight before a longer left hand bend. Some of the boys are probably going to try and overtake you on the inside. Keep an eye out for them, could lead to some trouble. Then you've got another straight. Just punch it down this one. After the straight, looks like there's another left. Should hold the same as the other ones you've had so far. Then there's a straight. After that a left. Then a straight. Looks like there's a right after that. No, sorry, my mistake. That's a left."

          If NASCARs turn right, I'm going to look really silly.

            Not reallyis just needs to be updated slightly
            After the start, there’s a steady left hand bend. You’ll want to be careful as everyone is going to bunch up there and it might get a bit hectic. After that there’s a bit of a straight before a longer left hand bend. Some of the boys are probably going to try and overtake you on the inside. Keep an eye out for them, could lead to some trouble. Then you’ve got another straight and Oh god a bunch of cars coming right at us!

    Watch/follow: NBA, MLB, tennis

    Play: basketball, although not as often as I'd like anymore...

      Serious question, how do we actually watch the NBA in Australia? do we need foxtel/austar?

        you can get League-Pass and stream games to your phone/pc and potentially xbox if MS bring the service to Aus

    I watch and play basketball, well I mostly watch basketball and play for fun nowadays.

    I recently started watching NHL, I've played the games quite a bit over the years, but never got around to watching the actual games on TV (mostly because it is never on free to air)

    Thanks to the internet though I can watch it. It's just a shame I started getting in to it at the end of the season. Now I have to wait for the next one to start

      FYI there's an Australian league - the AIHL: theaihl.com

      Not quite as fast paced as the NHL, but that's because our rinks are bigger than theirs! Plus, Our season runs in the NHL off season - Hockey all year round!

      Go North Stars!

      This guy is awesome. NHL,NRL and NFL all the way. NHL: Blackhawks, NRL: St George Illawarra Dragons and NFL: Bears. The new season of NHL starts up around September so you can watch it then. May I ask what team you go for? NHL is such an underappreciated sport in Aus.

    NRL and Cricket are the front runners. With MLB close behind.

    The closest i get to sports, is e-sports... and even then its only QuakeCon. ¶:Þ

    I'll watch any sports but the mains ones are Soccer, Basketball, Tennis and American Football.
    I use to play a bit of indoor soccer, tennis and table tennis.

    Football (Soccer). Don't play it but referee it at a high level (State League NSW)

    i mainly just watch le Tour de France and Cricket if it's on. i play Football/Soccer and will watch if it's on.

    I watch (whenever its on) and play field hockey. one of the reason why im looking forward to the Olympics is that the games will be broadcast on TV.

    Baseball, NFL, Ice Hockey - Can you see a trend here? Yeah, I find that North American sports are the easiest for me to get in to, mainly because of the atmosphere. As a result, I haven't really found an Australian sport that I can watch without getting bored\annoyed...

    Thank Goodness for the Australian Ice Hockey League that has a team in Newcastle! Live Ice Hockey FTW!

      Where can you watch the ahl games?

        Also is it anywhere near as intense as NHL games?

          You can watch Melbourne Ice and Adelaide Adrenaline play on their live streams, but at the moment they're the only 2 teams streaming. The Melbourne Ice are the sister team of the San Jose Sharks from the NHL, so they manage to pull a fair bit of sponsorship here in Aus.

          You can watch the Melbourne Ice games live and recorded at livestream.com/melbourneice. You can also watch the Trans Tasman Championship League (2 New Zealand teams Vs. 2 Australian teams) games that were played this weekend just gone online at livestream.com/aihl

          You can catch Adelaide's games online via adelaideadrenaline.com.au/ and clicing on their Watch Online button, though they've only just started streaming so the quality may not match the Ice's feeds.

          It looks a little less intense compared to NHL, but that's because the NHL rinks are smaller, whereas ours are olympic sized.

          The AIHL games sell out most of the time, so the support base is getting bigger and gaining more media attention as a whole. It's pretty awesome to follow a sport that is starting to become more mainstream in Australia!

    F1, World Rally Championships, NBA and all the Extreme sports. Love playing basketball though haven't played in a while.

    ALL the sports. Particularly love watching rugby league and cricket, playing soccer. Really enjoy watching the good tennis players in the majors too.

    But generally, I find any sport fascinating to watch where the quality is high and the passion the players show for it is even higher.

    Used to be big into AFL and Rugby Union but I've fell off those in the past few years. Tennis I kind of do watch but at the same time I didn't even bother to turn on to Fed v Murray. I will watch whenever the Socceroos play, though I'm not to sure if I'll get back into the A-league or anything this season.

    I'm pretty half-arsed when it comes to sport these days, perhaps the Olympics will do something for me.

    I watch and follow cycling. TDF at the moment but I have watched the Giro as well as all the classic this year. Generally stick to pro-tour, I might check to see what is happening in something like the tour of California but won't get up early to watch it.
    Might watch some AFL if it is on down the pub and occasionally will watch international league. And when they come around I watch a lot of Olympics. I will generally watch any sport that is at an international level, I generally ignore national or local sport.

    Played football (AFL) my entire life. Watch the NBA (Nash to the Lakers bitches), cricket and a bit of NFL and F1 too.

      such good news about nash. Lakers still need to lose 20mil before season starts to stop paying insane luxury tax

    Football (AFL to the heathens), cricket, basketball, baseball, NFL, rugby league.

    Play: Aussie Rules
    Watch: Aussie Rules, soccer, NBA and College hoops

    And currently watching the Tour de France

    AFL. Had the same seats for Crows home games since round 1, 1991 :)

    Occasionally watch (European) soccer if it's on TV and I'm feeling too lazy to do anything else, but don't actually follow it as such or support any particular team etc.

    I watch Rugby League, Formula 1 and to a lesser extent these days Cricket.

    I've been playing Soccer for over 20 years. I do enjoy watch professional soccer too, though I'm usually only really interested in it once it gets to international level.

    I actually don't like watching most Olympic sports. I find them boring.

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