Gabe Newell Dodges Half Life 3 Question With Shark Hate

Gabe Newell Dodges Half Life 3 Question With Shark Hate

This is shark week! All week, all the time, all sharks. There are even sharks in your Half-Life 3 answers. Aw, crap. Really? Yes, really.

During an interview with Valve’s Gabe Newell, Spike TV asked if there was anything he wanted to say about Half-Life 3. To which Newell responded, “I hate sharks.” That’s not really a response — it’s more like a dodge. No, it is a dodge.

Half-Life 2 came out in 2004, and I guess that means Half-Life 3 isn’t done yet? Perhaps Valve is waiting for the next generation of consoles to roll out Half-Life 3 — that makes the most sense. Perhaps Half-Life 3 is gonna need, dare I say, a bigger boat!


  • Remembers Half life 2 coming out and watching the birth of steam fanboys creaming their pants claiming how good half life 2 was and why steam was worth the price.

    Now steam has destroyed pc gaming and all these losers keep citing half life 2 like it was christ.

    Half life 2 had nothing in the way of story…. many other games have met and exceeded it with ease, they just dont have fanatic fanboys.

    • They really haven’t. Nothing has ever matched Half Life 2 in storytelling, mainly because most of the stories beat you over the head with exposition and over dramatic scenes. Half Life 2 never did that, it understood gaming as a medium and used it to the fullest extent, rather than resort to cut scenes and flashy nonsense.

      As for Steam destroying PC Gaming? They single-handedly brought pc gaming back into relevance among big publishing studios with Steam., they have given a open platform to indie developers who have thrived on the luxurious benefits that they previously never had and above all else they are fair with pricing.

      All I see from you is a contrarian and someone who uses the term “fanboys” as a way to automatically dismiss arguments and validate yourself on whatever argument you present, no matter how flawed it is. Grow up

      • LOL, I think… that he is trolling. Cod= Scripted a lot Hl= You do actions all by yourself.

        And also, don’t tell me that there weren’t any cinematics in half-life, there was and they we’re the best. (Y’know? The ones featuring Gman, the weird guy that appears in every Half Life without any explaination?)

    • Haha, no.

      Maybe the silent protagonist is a relic of earlier gaming, but it does help immersion, and it makes writing a lot more difficult.

      No cinematics? Idiot. That’s the point. It doesn’t break immersion and maintains player control. In its own way it has cinematics, it just doesn’t take you out of the game to show you them. Look around; see things for what they are, Cod fanboy.

      As to your hating on steam, the first two statements are nonsense and the last is blatantly false. Not only is steam a free tool (with free cloud sharing ability), it couldn’t be more removed from spyware.

      TL;DR: you’re stupid.

    • If half life 2 has no story, your a mind numbing idiot that requires to be forced fed. Did you ever look at the environment at all or try and talk to people? And as for COD hahahahahahahahahhaaa “catches breath” hahahahahahahahaa

    • Why, precisely, is it bad that digital distribution supersedes a physical copy? DRM isn’t any better, just look at diablo 3. You still need to be online even if you bought a box.
      No cinematic bits in half-life? Jesus Christ, I want to strangle you. The entire trainstation opening conveys a fascinating Orwellian dystopia. The scene at Black Mesa East. Any one of Breen’s speeches.
      Gordon Freeman doesn’t have a voice, oh no! Neither did the protagonist of BioShock, one of the most intelligent narratives in gaming history. It has no bearing on the effectiveness of the story, and does actually immerse you further into the role of the character. Playing Assassin’s Creed, I wanted to punch Altair anytime he spoke. My character was genuinely unlikable, and I had no control over his thoughts. Gordon Freeman’s thoughts are the player’s. Also, please learn to use capital letters more than half the time you should.

  • Why are you even on this site? Grow up please. We are not telling you that you are stupid for not liking half life. You are entitled to your opinion, but an article pretty much about half life isnt the place to proudly proclaim you hate half life. But seriously, how did steam destroy pc gaming? Are you high?

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if a Half Life 3 announcement is being pushed back partially because of Windows 8 fears.

    I mean Valve is currently porting Steam and their line up of games to Linux, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • I don’t really know much about storytelling in video games, but I remember half life 2’s story line brought me in to another world. That’s the funny thing, it was earth but it felt and looked so alien to me. I got off that train and entererd some gross subway station to see depressed citizens and masked armored police. The world of half life 2 was a depressing and hopeless place. Secret police regularly beat citizens and killed, oceans were drained, and all earth life had been exterminated except for humans. When the uprising happend it moved me, I felt like I was taking earth back. None of the game was sugercoated and it felt real. Half life 2 had a cause I would truly fight and die for. No video game has ever made me feel that way. That ‘s all that matters.

  • The quickest way to get news on HL3 is to stop talking about it. Stop asking where it is. Stop asking Gabe about. Don’t even mention Half-Life at all when talking about Valve. If Valve think people are losing interest they’ll release some news.

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