Man, Halo 4 Is Starting To Look Pretty Fancy

Apologies if you've seen it already, but I just laid my peepers on this behind the scenes Halo 4 video. It contains a short look at the game and the people who make, which is interesting and all, but I was a bit blown away by just how good the game looks.

Sure that's shallow, but with Halo games I've been used to lowering my expectations with regards to the visuals. That's never been a problem for me — I love the feel and scope of Halo, and that's always remained — but it's almost surprising to see a Halo game that is, once again, raising the bar aesthetically.

It really does look amazing.

Watching the previews and videos for Halo 4 has been a little bit of a rollercoaster for me. I'm pretty passionate about the series, and I feel like I'm being yanked between excitement and dread. Hopefully the end result can live up to the name.


    I'll say this much, 343 sure don't seem interested in making a half arsed sequel/spinoff/whatever like HALO: ODST... this is looking pretty damn good.

      Bit unfair as ODST started life as an expansion and ended up being released as a budget title.

        What's unfair about it? It still ended up half arsed in the end. Budget or not it just felt like they didn't want to put a full effort into it. I never said it was a BAD game, I just said it felt half arsed, which it did. Just that it felt like they never put a full effort into it. I'm aware it started as DLC, but when they decide to make the transition to full product? Put in a better effort...

    This is going to be amazing.


    I wasn't sold on the musical direction initially, but it's sounding really different and new now. I like that the theme is moving towards the exploration and discovery atmosphere of the first Halo.

    For me it's looking like what Reach should/could have if November would just roll around.

    Also side note: Halo 4 will be playable at EB EXPO in Sydney later this year.

    ok, I'm excited... Was trying not to, but this looks fantastic and I LOVE the music.

    Now, I'm curious, the release date is November 6th, which is a public holiday in Melbourne... will I still be able to pick this up on release day?


      Because the conditions of your citizenship require that as a Victorian you are obligated to suddenly be interested in horses, to attend a barbecue eating sausages and/or shrimp and to drink beer straight out of cans. Don't disappoint me now.

      In all seriousness though, businesses are entitled to open on Melbourne Cup Day so I don't see why not:

    Screw Melbourne cup. My lan group is holding a massive video game day with atleast 1 set of 16 player halo 4 going on.

    Haha is their postal address actually 343? That's classy.

    343 have really taken ownership in this project. Hope it does good, I mean I hope it does better th COD

    Wait, so there's a mech in the game? I hope that's also in the multiplayer.

    Why do I have this feeling that the Halo franchise is now turning into the Star Wars of the video game industry?

    I'm talking about production quality here people.

    The sound of a million wallets being thrown at screens.

    It truly does look fantastic.

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