This Is How You Craft Weapons In Dead Space 3

After all the kerfuffle regarding how EA and Visceral had dumbed down Dead Space 3, added cover, ruined the series, etc, I was pleasantly surprised during my hands on with the game earlier last week. It felt like Dead Space. It played like Dead Space. It looked like a polished, super pretty version of Dead Space. It had new elements — you'd complain if it didn't — but for the most part it felt completely familiar.

I guess it's just testament to the tendency of certain people to lose their minds over a headline, and let things spiral out of control. I won't write a full preview, but I'll just say this: if you enjoyed the first two Dead Space games, most likely you'll enjoy this one. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to play co-op, which I suspect is the main reason for the complaints, but considering what I seen of the single player game, most likely the co-op will be just as well managed.

Panic over, for me at least.

Anyway, that's not what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to talk about crafting, weapon crafting, as shown in the video above. During my demo the 'bench' — the area where, in previous games, you upgraded weaponry — was off limits. Each time I strolled in the general direction of the bench, the EA representative began sweating profusely. I wasn't allowed to check it out, lest she ripped the controller from my hands.

I'm going to guess that this video reveal is the reason why. In Dead Space 3 players are able to scavenge for parts, which can then be used to build newer, better weapons. Sounds interesting enough. I just hope players aren't able to exploit the mechanic. Horror games should really be about taking weapons away from the player, not empowering them. That's just my two cents at least.

Regardless, interesting concept.


    Great to hear.

    As for weapons in a horror game, perhaps I'm conditioned by Resident Evil, but for me it's all about crappy weapons and little ammo, escalating over the game to the point where you actually have something decent, then - with some feat completed - the game gives you something bloody amazing that lets you dominate. As I see it, it's the reason for new-game-plus modes.

    For example, Resident Evil 4 has you with a crappy 9mm pistol and like 10 rounds at the start. You end up getting better and better weapons and upgrading them so they're really powerful. Ultimately, provided you finish the game once and amass a huge amount of in-game currency, you can buy an infinite-ammo tommy gun that does more damage per bullet than the magnum (provided the magnum isn't completely upgraded that is).

    Condemned 2 did it as well. You play the game, mostly fighting with your fists, and eventually you get a pistol with no reloads, then a rifle (again no reloads), still relying mostly on melee, and once you've finished the game once you can play through again with infinite ammo.

    It's a face-your-fears mechanic I really appreciate.

    So if this is implemented properly, it could work really well.

      If you don't like having alot of ammo or have good weapons play on a harder difficulty cause if you do in dead space 2 enemies are tougher and you have less ammo plus if you want to make it really challenging make a crappy gun

    yep, Activision is going to sue EA for this one, for "unfair awesomeness"

    I've been a huge fan of the Dead Space franchise so far. I don't know why so many people hated the second as much as they seemed too.

    I found both the story and the overall atmosphere really engaging and really looking forward to the third.

    McGarnical also makes for some really good points about Resident evil and Condemned 2.
    Basically adding in the 'newgame+' feature is a great way to add fun replay value.

    The first time you play the game is a challanging task, subsiquest playthroughs are more about enjoying the story and having beefed up gear.

    Deadspace I believe did this well with unlockable suits and more difficult modes.

    I still remember my play through of Deadspace with just using the plasma cutter! Yikes that was hard!

    Just give me a plasma cutter you can upgrade to increase damage and ammo and I'll be happy. That's how I played through the first two games and I don't plan on changing it for number three.

      yeah plasma cutter was my favourite; I dont think I used any other gun... except the ripper, for when things got dicey

      I have to agree, I spent my play through of DS1 rocking out just the plasma cutter, as for DS2 I used the plasma cutter and occasionally the line cutter in hairy situations.

    Pulse rifle man myself, when hits shitting the fan grenade launcher bang bang.

    plasma cutter and line gun. that's all I need. However I am VERY excited about the new weapon crafting system.

    Is anyone else thinking the ZF1 with a plasma cutter
    replay button, rocket launcher, arrow launcher (explosive of course) net launcher, always efficient flame thrower and the all new ice cube system.

    Someone make this gun in this game

    I think that they should make it like re5 when your at the menu you can see what you have in your inventory or safe plus you can make your gun at the menu if you have the resources and then when your done you can test it at the firing range like in ghost recon future solider and make changes to it if you don't like it so you can be better prepared in combat cause you know what your gun I's cable of

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