While You Were Sleeping

Man, guess what I saw at Town Hall station — a massive rat, just running in between morning commuters. I don't know why I'm telling you this. I just felt like I had to mention this to someone. Also — this is While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of the news that went down overnight.

Well the biggest news from the weekend slew of posts was most likely this — OnLive and the whole catastrophe surrounding its bankruptcy. The more info we here about this the stranger the story seems to become. Catch up here.

I like this idea. Capcom's new work in progress Remember Me looks good and all, but it would have looked better had it been set in a futuristic version of Australia. Apparently that was one of the early options. Gutted they didn't go with it.

Prince of Persia meets Legend of Zelda? Yes please. Also, this is brilliantly mental World of Goo speed run, and we compare two very different PC ports in Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders II.

In Short Something Had To Happen But OnLive Employees Didn't Expect The End A Persian Legend Of Zelda? Sure Why Not World Of Goo Tool Assisted Speedrun Is Absolutely Mental To Watch Australia Briefly Considered As Setting For Capcom's Remember Me Darksiders II And Sleeping Dogs — A Tale Of Two Very Different PC Ports


    Dude, there's rats in most of the Sydney underground stations.

      Yeah, I've seen them on the tracks before -- just never on the platform at peak hour!

        They sneak up round the ends on the platforms, looking for nomz people have left behind, ostensibly...

    I once saw a fly hop on at one station, and get off about 2 stations later.

    So intelligent!

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