While You Were Sleeping: Gamescom Is A Pretty Big Deal

Seriously. What the hell? It seems like there's more interesting announcements and news from Gamescom than there was for E3. This is pretty insane.

I couldn't hope to totally account for all the news blasting out. There's already been so much, and there'll be more as the day progresses. The short version of it is this: Sony went all out and now the Vita has a fair amount of games you might actually care about.

Call of Duty: Black Ops on Vita will be out this November, and here's our first look at the game running on the handheld. Also — a new Killzone. I'm actually quite interested in the Vita Killzone. I've yet to play a shooter on the Vita and I'm keen to see how the controls handle.

On the console front, we got a better look at God of War: Ascension's new multiplayer. Also, there's going to be a Beta for that. Pretty soon. It seems like the kind of thing I'd like to properly play before making any real judgements.

And just so it's not all Sony, um... here's video footage of Sim City multiplayer. We good?

In Short God Of War: Ascension's Multiplayer Bloodbath Is Getting A Beta Soon And A Trailer Now Our First Look At Call Of Duty Running On A PlayStation Vita Call Of Duty: Black Ops Vita Will Be Out This November There's A New Killzone Coming To Vita Here's Video Footage Of The New Simcity's World Multiplayer Mode


    But more importantly than any of that: Adrift. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/08/meet-capcoms-remember-me-a-stunning-new-game-that-was-actually-at-last-years-gamescom/

    How about the rumors of Half-Life 3? Huh?

    I have been playing Resistance on the vita and the controls are pretty good. Not quite console quality but light years ahead of what it used to be like with the PSP.

    Why is this such as surprise? Gamescom >> E3, or is it not?

    e3 was horrible so yeah

    e3 is always horrible

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