Some Wii U Pre-Orders Are Sold Out At GameStop In The US -- What About Australia?

At the moment, in the US, Gamestop appears to be all sold out of pre-orders for the deluxe version of the Wii U, as are multiple other US retailers. But what is the situation in Australia and, in particular, with EB — who are owned by the same parent company as Gamestop.

Well, according to an EB representative, EB is continuing to sell pre-orders and — according to a source within EB — Nintendo has confirmed that every customer who pre-orders will receive a Wii U.

"As a company we’re very excited about the worldwide response to preorders for the Wii U," said the EB spokesperson. "As you’re probably aware we work closely with our world class partner Nintendo Australia, and as of this morning we have not yet gotten any notification from them to stop presales. We’re going to continue to take preorders right up until we hear otherwise from them, and the moment we stop taking preorders we’ll obviously communicate that."

We also asked Nintendo Australia to confirm this, but its answer was a little more vague.

"We'll be doing everything we can to satisfy the consumer demand and will manufacture and ship product as fast as we can," said Nintendo Australia, "but never at the expense of quality control. Our priority will always be putting out the best product we can, when we can."

At the moment it is difficult to say exactly how the situation will play out. Earlier this year, a source from EB stated that Nintendo would guarantee every pre-order made at E3, but that situation could have changed, and the source may have been mistaken.

That said, it appears as though EB is in constant communication with Nintendo Australia regarding any possible shortage, so hopefully it will stop selling as soon as there is any possibility that Nintendo will not be able to meet demand.


    Watch as Nintendo deliberately constrains the supply just enough that people have to order and queue up to get the thing in order to build hype and create news stories for extra marketing.

      Like Apple is doing for next week's iPhone 5 launch?

        Like Sony and Microsoft have done?
        So far Nintendo is one of the few companies who HAVEN'T done this.
        I'm not saying that won't, but the indication is such

          They didn't? Were you born AFTER the Wii launch???

            That one was unintended, since the demand was much, much greater than expected.

        Exactly like that. It seems like with tech product launches, having just below enough stock increases hype for the thing tremendously.

          You sound as if Nintendo is the only one guilty of this. If its not why are you kicking up a fuss? If all manufacturers employ this form of hype strategy why only single out Nintendo or complain IF Nintendo are doing thing?

            Yeah its really not just Nintendo that does this, but many makers of products in many industries. I mean, are you expecting them to overstock? Selling out in a completely legitimate way basically NEVER happens. Its business.

      A frustrating, but as far as I can tell, completely legal practice.

      When you think about it, it is actually a clever marketing tool. Getting free publicity makes advertises and the company who employs them moist in their nether regins.

        Your sentence would read better like this:

        "It is, when you think about it, a clever marketing tool. Free publicity makes advertisers, and their employers, moist in the nether regions."

      its called a smart business plan

    "As soon as their..."??

      Because that's the most important thing to take away from the article.

        No, but it does go some to proving how grammatical errors can distract a reader from what IS actually important now, doesn't it?

        Yeah well I know Kotaku readers have low standards and expectations from their 'journalists' so point taken.

          Nah, thanks for pointing it out. Should have given it a quick scan before posting. Ta!

            He's like your very own personal Office Clippy

              lol! All he needs now is the file finder dog...

          Mark's like the best journo on the site, have some respect won't you?

            "Mark's like the best journo [sic] on the site..."

            Who is the best?

            Respect? I don't think a lot of people on here know the meaning of the word.

      Thanks Professor nerd :)

    From what I heard, it's only the Premium Bundle that's sold out at Gamestop - and that's due to them rolling over all their existing Wii U preorders to that model.

      Nope pre orders have sold out from a number of US retailers, not just Gamestop, and its both models that have sold out too

        No its just the deluxe version, the Standard Wii U is still in stock.
        You cant say they have sold out of everything when Most the retailers came out and said they are still taking orders for the Standard edition.

    Any idea on the pricing of the games? I might head into JB soon to preorder

      Pricing was estimated at US$59.99 I believe. Further estimates put suggest maybe $109 for new release games here. Note my (over?) use of the word estimate.

      They've set them at $99, but I think (hope) that's because they don't have a RRP on the games themselves. OZGS has set them at $60, so you'll probably be better off importing, assuming that they will work with an Aussie wii U.

    I preordered yesterday just to be safe.

    I expect that we'll be able to find them in the wild on launch day (or at least the basic pack) but I can remember the Wii selling out pretty quickly when that launched

      I pre ordered too. I remember how hard it was trying to find a Wii when they were first released. It was many months before I got one

      My Dad was so desperate for a Wii upon release, that he ended up buying the one display model left in Adelaide. :D

    not worried, nintendo always produces quality products.
    my pre order was made day 1.
    i just cant wait for nintendos first HD console.

    How was the Wii launch here in Aus - was it pre-sold out?

      I can remember stores having signs up saying "Wii's back in stock!" in January so I assume it sold out in some places prior to xmas.

        I bought my wii early january from kmart parramatta, after inquiring at eb, myer, david jones, target and game. The store clerk at kmart said i got the last one. Then for some reason nunchucks were sold out everywhere until around april?

      Yes it was for ages.

      It did sell out in many places, but I don't think it was pre-sold out.
      I'm not even sure if they did "preorders" for consoles last generation, although I know they took orders of a sort.
      I know there was a time when they weren't available in major chains although there were still a few about in unexpected places, but Nintendo also managed to pick up the slack pretty quickly.

        They did take pre orders last generation, and if i remember correctly some stores didn't get enough stock to cover all the orders that were taken. I pre ordered and went to a midnight launch

    Is anyone doing additional bundles. E.g. Extra game or comes with pro controller. I want to get a wii u for Xmas. Due u guys think the pre order is a must?

      I'd say so, fellow Mick. At the least it's a safety net for if a better deal/combo comes out later.

      Nah, Big W will do a bundle with a crappy game like it did for the 3DS. You'll be fine.

      There is a bundle thats includes the pro controller and ZombiU game. Not sure what price it will be though...

    Why the hype? The only good launch title is Pikmin 3.

      'launch window', which means it may not be out until march.

    People are excited over this crap... Yay we can play new new new new super mario bros rehash 50

      At it again i see champ champ. Back under the bridge you go.

      Congratulations on proving yourself to be a buzzword spouting shitposter.

      I'll probably pick one up when I start earning some dinero.
      I don't think I'll preorder though.

      I'll understand when Bayonetta is out. But yeah, I do agree. Everything on it bar Pikmin is either a port or a rehash. And I'll be VERY surprised if people are playing Nintendo Land for more than a few hours.

        There's also ZombiU and Rayman Legends as exclusives.
        Console launch lineups are usually pretty cruddy, but I think the WiiU one is reasonable. Way better than the snore-fest that the 3DS had.

          ZombiU = Red Steel

            People keep saying this, but the only thing I can see to base it on is the fact that both games are first person launch titles from Ubisoft. ZombiU might well be crap, but we should probably wait for it to be released first to determine that.

          Ah yeah, forgot about Rayman. I suppose because I'm dead convinced it'll be out on every single console in a years time.

      Hey I remember you. You were working at KFC the other day. Didn't you get fired for attempting to bone a fried chicken.

    Very dodgy bait advertising, might as well say the item is limited... to the amount they can sell.

    It was a couple of months ago but after trying hard to get preorders all year by the time my Game store closed, we had only one preorder for Wii U... Wasn't the greatest amount of interest before a release date and bundle prices, they're usually isn't, but the general complete disinterest in the console I personally believe is very telling for some territories.

      You'll never get preorders for merchandise with no clear release date and speculated release titles/ system specs you were probably wasting your time preorder pushing on that title, nothing very telling in my opinion.

    Pretty sure those $108 games for pre-order is the very reason for this not selling out.

    i wasnt going to preorder because i was really expecting a 500-600 dollar launch price but when i found out it was going to be only $30 more then the original Wii (for the deluxe at $430) i couldnt resist. I just hope i got in fast enough

    Launch day for me!!

    hi there yeah i have preordered mine in like first 24 hours of anoucment soo my wii u will be ready on november 18

    Deluxe shipped :) .

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