Yes. You Will Be Able To Play The Wii U At The EB Expo, And Listen To The Voice Of Mario

Most of you have probably guessed this already but, yes, you will be able to play the Wii U at the EB Games Expo next weekend.

Rumours have been circulating for a while now, to the extent that it would have been a major disappointment if Nintendo hadn't brought its new toy to the Expo. But now it's confirmed and you can rest easy. You will be able to stand in a massive line and play the console. And it will be a massive line.

"We are incredibly excited to be able to showcase Nintendo’s innovative new Wii U game console to Australian consumers at this year’s EB Games Expo," said Steve Wilson, Managing Director of EB Games Australia and New Zealand. "EB Games Expo will be the first time gamers in Australia get to go hands on with Wii U."

It is a pretty big coup for the EB Games Expo: New Super Mario Bros. U, ZombiU, Darksiders II, and Assassin's Creed III will all apparently be playable.

Also, the voice of Mario Charles Martinet— that cheeky little minstrel — will also be attending the Expo and, presumably, saying things like 'wahoo' and 'it's-a-me' with alarming regularity.


    well, i've got a Wii here at home! i don't need to go to the EB expo!


    I thought they were going to have one last year. Same with Vita. Instead it was just E3 tech demos that weren't even relabelled, the Batman one still said 'E3 Press Demo' on the title screen lol.

    I don't expect this one to be any different. But the mario voice guy is cool!

      Let me know when E3 shows up in Australia.

    I have been given a free ticket to this and u am not even interested. Now that i know the annoying mario voice dude is there ill avoid it completly. Dont understand why they have voice actors instead of proper talent at these events. Put a band on or something interesting to break up the boredom. At least i didnt pay for it. Those who did will feel ripped off.

      I wasn't interested at all in going, because the price is ridiculous. But then the Wii U stuff was announced... plus Charles Martinet... sort of want. I kinda owe the guy a "thanks".

      If you're not interested in going, I'd gladly make use of the ticket :P

    Not sure if anyone editing picked this up from the first comment but it should probably say "Wii U" in the title instead of just Wii.

    Saw a bunch of kids buying tickets for the expo today. so yeah not going

    lolfail at the article title.

    Pretty such most Aussie's already have a Wii at home guys ;)

      Fail of my own! *sure

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