The Metal Gear Rising Demo Sure Looks Pretty

The Metal Gear Rising Demo Sure Looks Pretty

Here’s a photo of Raiden from the Metal Gear Rising demo that will appear at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The image was snapped off a TV, and damn, it looks good. And check out those skies.

There’s another image below, and heck, it looks nice, too. For all the too-good-to-true screenshots that often plague the game industry, it’s refreshing to see shots like this.

Metal Gear Rising stars Raiden, and it was developed by Platinum Games, the studio behind Bayonetta.


TGS用プレイアブル「METAL GEAR RISING」のチェック, 黒雷電UP [@Kojima_Hideo]

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    • God your knowledge is so restricted. After bayonetta they realised developing a game and porting it to ps3 will cause problem. Then they made vanquish which was build on ps3 and then ported to Xbox. It was flawless. If you don’t know anything please refrain yourself from commenting.

      • God you don’t know anything! You’re like my grandma. Bayonet was originally formed as a method of keeping citrus fruit fresh and appealing and was later superseded by the airbag. God shut up if you don’t know anything grandma!

        • Jesus you wouldn’t have a clue! You’re like the Easter Bunny. Nibble some chocolate here, lay an egg there, kids love you and then suddenly you’re dead to them when fancy shmancy ‘popcorn and movies’ become all the rage. Just dont say another word if you know nothing about Santa!

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