While You Were Sleeping

I think I'm finally in the process of shifting my cold — just in case you care. But if you don't, we still have all the latest video game news coming in overnight! This is what went down, while you were sleeping.

I'd argue that last night was all about the Wii U launch. This is the official list of Wii U games that'll be available at launch in the US. Pretty sure all these games will also be available in Australia come November 30. It's good, I reckon. Not great. Looking forward to New Super Mario Bros. U.

It would have been so much better if this was the list though! This Norwegian retailer has its head in the clouds. I'd love it so much if this fantasy list was accurate.

This is some snazzy concept art for Borderlands 2. These guns are made from BOOOONES. And remember Mass Effect — that niche RPG series no-one cares about? Yeah, well the first one is coming to the PS3 for the first time as part of a sweet trilogy pack.

In Short Here's The Wii U's Official Line-up For Launch Day And Beyond Mass Effect Trilogy Compilation Brings All Three Games To Xbox 360, PC, PS3 Norwegian Retailer Has A Fantasy Wii U Launch Line-Up Some Of The Concept Art Behind Borderlands 2 Guns Made From Bones. Yes, Bones.


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