While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone. It seems as though another Friday has crept up upon us. Time for the last look at what happened in the games news overnight. Time for While You Were Sleeping

It seems as though Peter Molyneux is under quite a bit of pressure. During an interview with Rock Paper Shot Shotgun he actually started crying. The interview was about this game, his attempt to remake the God genre he technically invented. It's on Kickstarter.

The Wii U hasn't had the best launch, but then I can't remember any console that released in the last 10 years that had a flawless launch. This is a broad look at what other folks are saying about the Wii U in general.

These are some pretty fancy looking video game cars, this is what it takes to make an Iron Man helmet, and this is what it would look like if the Wii Zapper featured in some super famous movies.

In Short Wii U: The Frankenreview What If The NES Zapper Starred In Some Famous Movies These Are The Best Looking Cars In Video Games Today, Or Even Tomorrow Making This Iron Man Helmet Required A Shirtless Man Covered In Plaster Peter Molyneux's Next Game Is A Lot Like One Of His First


    Think you typoed Wii Zapper at the end there.

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