Hero's Duty, The Slick, Gritty (And Sexy) Shooter You'll Never Play

Disney's upcoming animated flick, Wreck-It Ralph, has the potential to be awesome. We've already seen how it nails its many gaming influences and the story looks like it will be heart-warmingly retro in all the right ways. Seems like the creators have kicked a goal with the promotion too, with this "trailer" for one of the movie's fictional games, Hero's Duty, serving as an excellent advert.

The hat-tips are numerous — Gears of War, Starcraft: Ghost, Halo, Metroid Prime, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, (for the name, mostly) and probably a few others. Dubstep fans might recognise the backing music as the work of Skrillex.

If the film is half as good as this trailer, we're in for something special.

Wreck-It Ralph: Hero's Duty Commercial [IGN, via First Showing]


    Actually want to play that game - a light hearted action/shooter (like what Insomniacs new IP looked like it was going to be for a moment) would be pretty excellent. And maybe just what the doctor ordered in the current gaming environment.

      Yeah, I agree. Seems games either go full kiddy or full gritty. You rarely see gems like Jak 2 anymore that are aimed at kids but still manage to have a semi-gritty plot attached.

      What's kinda funny is the official website for Wreck-It Ralph featured a Unity Flash game of Hero's Duty, there was also an Android/iPhone app for it as well. I played a little bit of it and it honestly was not half bad at all. My comment is hella late I know and I'm sure you discovered it by now but if Disney ever let someone develop this I'd either want Bethesda or Gearbox to make it.

    The train near the beginning, tip to ff7??

    No matter what anyone else says about this, these guys just get it - this movie is gonna rock so hard

    Is it just me, or does the tag line sound indistinguishable from "It's the biggest doody of all"?

    In other news, I am really looking forward to this movie and hope to any Movie Deity that listens that they don't force any tired old game jokes more than necessary.

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