I Like Girls Like Robots

Though I am her favourite male human, I'm pretty sure my wife would leave me in a heartbeep if the right robot came along. Adult Swim and Popcannibal's Girls Like Robots is a painfully true game of love and logic.

Logic puzzles have never been so cute, quirky and entertaining. Popcannibal takes the boring old seating chart problems teachers used to throw at us "gifted" student back in high school and added a layer of cartoon hipness.

Girls like robots. Placing a robot next to a girl makes the girl happy. Robots like girls, to a point — place too many and the robot gets angry. Girls hate nerds, but nerds like girls. Nerds hate other nerds, but like edges.

Your job is to keep track of all that and more as you attempt to seat adorable square people into slightly less adorable squares. Lively music plays. There might be pie.

Okay, there is pie.

Girls like Robots is an intelligent game for intelligent people. Girls might not like you, but you'll like them liking robots.

Girls Like Robots [iTunes]


    It's a metaphor for real life! Nerds like girls and see other nerds as competition for the girls but aren't too social and like to stick to the walls at social gatherings. Girls hate nerds because they're not like the homogenous and perfectly constructed robots with no personalities. The robots love to have female attentions, but too many is just a drag. (It's tough being the popular guy!)

    Yeah, yeah, it's a generalised and sterotypical view but not too far from what TV and the internet would have us believe.

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