While You Were Sleeping

Today, things might be a little different on Kotaku! The folks in the US are still reeling from Hurricane Sandy, and the US site is still down. But, incredibly, a completely destroyed server hasn't stopped the team from updating, and the Australian team has woken up a little early to make sure that news is still powering through! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

Alright, it's not games — but this is huge. Disney just bought Lucasfilm. And it's planning Star Wars Episode VII. WHAT?

And just to get up to date on the Kotaku situation, and just in case you missed it, we recommend you head to this post and having a gander. Today we'll be having a slightly different Kotaku!

But the big news in games, at least in the last couple of hours, is the news that GTA's speculated release date has been confirmed by a European retailer. Oh, it's pretty close!

This look at iPod Touch gaming is worth reading, especially if you're dependent on your iPhone, but feel like checking out an Android for your next phone.

Oh, and Steam is having some pretty amazing sales, just in case you didn't notice...

In Short Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Planning Star Wars Episode 7 BioShock Series Is Going Cheap On Steam (Along With Many Others) Welcome To A Different Kind Of Kotaku GTAV Spring Release Date Confirmed By European Mega Chain I Bought A 5th Gen iPod Touch For Gaming And I Am Incredibly Pleased


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