Episode 5 Of The Walking Dead Gets Its Very Own Trailer

When it comes to 2012 releases, The Walking Dead is the game on my pile of shame I'm most ashamed of having not played. Now, as the game approaches the release of its fifth episode, might be as good a time as any to blast through it. This new trailer is doing a mighty fine job of convincing me.

It's hard to tell if there are any real spoilers in the above video, since I haven't played any of the other episodes — so consider this a mild spoiler warning. Otherwise, just watch and get excited.

I actually bought this game for Ben White (Kotaku web design wizard) and either he's being really polite and saying it's good because it's a present, or the game is actually seriously worth playing. Maybe it's about time I bought it for myself!

Thanks CVG


    It's actually seriously worth playing. Each episode ramps up the incredibleness and there are so many moments that just have me sitting in my chair staring at the screen in shock / awe. Do yourself a favour. Set aside a weekend and just do it.

      This, this so much so much this. I implore you mark to do it! DO EET NOOWWWWW!

    Now, gameplay-wise, the choices so far in the last few games haven't really done anything aside from minute changes in the plot. However, with how last episode ended, I'm hoping for a lot of diversity this time around around. Probably not. I'm fine with that, though- the story and atmosphere are top notch, and I'm damn eager to see how this all ends.

    This game is a contender for GOTY in my opinion. The story is awesome and the gameplay, whilst minute, is adequate. It's more of an interactive tv show but it's a must play :)

    Guys, just a heads up, potentially HUGE spoilers in that video linked above!

    Otherwise - and on-topic - MASSIVELY excited for the final episode of this season! :D

      So far the trailers have been pretty smart, they've shown potential spoilers that have turned out to be red herrings, Im betting 'that bit' isn't what it looks like ;)

    "A tailored game experience – Live with the profound and lasting consequences of the decisions that you make in each episode. Your actions and choices will affect how your story plays out across the entire series." - key features from Steam

    I purchased this game because apparently it had "choice". I like the story but... telling me i have choices that tailor the game but then will always end up being at the same point is false advertisement! anyone know if i can get a refund from steam?

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