How Not To Get Banned From Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

How Not To Get Banned From Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

The next instalment in the Call of Duty juggernaut, Black Ops II, launches tomorrow. In preparation for the legions of players who will no doubt soon be shooting each other, exploiting every glitch and saying very rude things on voice chat — as well as the millions of folks who just want to play, and have to deal with the jerks — Treyarch has posted their official Security and Enforcement Policy on its forums.

The policy is a laundry list of bannable offences, with penalties, ranging from 48-hour suspensions to loss of certain privileges and stats to permanent removal from online play, clearly outlined.

Piracy, modding, and hacking, when discovered by Treyarch, will be rewarded by permanent bans. The use of “unsupported devices and applications”, which include but are not limited to “modded controllers, IP flooders and lag switches”, will trigger a temporary ban and stat reset for the first offence, with potential permanent bans for repeated use. Exploiting glitches in any way is also, naturally, a big no-no.

As for lewd and offensive but not cheating-related behaviour, first offences result in temporary bans, second offences in temporary bans and the revocation of voice chat, and theoretically “extreme or repeat offences” can get a player permanently banned from online play.

The same applies to problematic behaviour while live-streaming play, so streaming players, be sure to remember when to log off and walk away first.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Security & Enforcement Policy [Call of Duty official forums]


  • Tomorrow? Wasn’t there a midnight launch last night?

    I didn’t go for obvious reasons. One of those reasons being that the very people who are shady enough to rob you to warrant the security there would be in line.

    • I was watching twitch last night, they stopped all the Australian people from streaming it because it hasn’t been released in the US yet under terms of use violations. But get this THEY LET GAMESTOP KEEP STREAMING. Im so pissed off at this.

      • I was in party chat on the night Halo 4 was released talking to someone. Her husband, who’s currently in US, joined the chat with a few other US players, and all they did was bitch and whined about how Australians don’t deserve to play the game so early and that the greatest country in the world should be playing it. I left that chat when the husband said, “It should be out in US first, so that I can pwn all those N-word bitches”.

  • Heads up guys, many users of the PS3 version, including myself, are finding that when the concolse is connected to the internet, Black Ops 2 hangs the console on boot up. Like, not just the game, THE ENTIRE CONSOLE. I’ve been totally unable to play the game thus far. Midnight launch wasted. What use is a multiplayer game if you can’t play online?

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