More Wii U: How Do The Third Party Games Hold Up?

The Wii U hits stores tomorrow, or midnight if you're heading to one of those, but we've been messing about with the console for a fair amount of time. In this video we check out some of the third party releases on the Wii U, including some of the cross platform releases.

It's interesting — I love the controller, but I almost feel like it's at the same stage as the DS was when it was first released: no-one really knows how best to utilise the second screen. I'd like developers to just pay attention to the little things — if I pause a game, there should be a cool easy to navigate version of the pause menu on the GamePad — not the exact same thing I can see on my television. I wish more developers would transition it in the same way websites have mobile versions of their sites for phones and tablets. Create an interface that gels with the tablet.

Some games did an interesting job — I liked how FIFA 13 allowed me to switch tactics on the fly. That's a move that makes complete sense.

Love the technology, I'm just not too stoked with the third party integration yet. But, that said, I can't wait to see how developers use the GamePad in future titles.

Check out our earlier Wii U video here.


    Hooray, more local video content! Thanks, Mark.

    Serrels' pro football manager from 0:53 to 1:10.

    I love that you are able to navigate menus, etc. on the Gamepad without pausing/interrupting the TV experience. The example in FIFA showing that you could toggle between the Gamepad menus while the TV was showing the "Instant Replay" - it means after you get "back to the game" you're able to keep playing.

    Even if you don't like doing reviews, just brief personal impressions of things like this are great.

    i was hoping they would nail gamepad controls at launch but i guess that was asking too much. You can (according to reviews etc) tell that so far alot of the gamepad functionality is tacked on as would be expected at launch, but give developers more time im sure they can incorporate more robust usage of the gamepad.

    I only watch Serrell's videos just to hear his voice


    First I think we're in the port phase of it's life span where developers are taking there big popular titles and just throwing it at the Wii U. That's why Fifa is running bad, poor optimisation.

    As for the Creativity side of things, give it time. But also remember Video Games are in a state where change is a dirty word and you release a new game that tweaks the previous games formula. Heck I'm as guilty here as anyone I'm looking forward to the new Mario, new Metroid and New Zelda the last games I purchased are Darksiders 2, Fall of Cybertron (a Sequel), Borderlands 2, Halo 4. I'm considering X-Com reboot, Need For Speed: Burnout (Most Wanted), Saints Row 3 DLC included version and maybe that Sonic Kart Racer. Heck BLOPS2 may even be my first COD game.

    As for Asymmetrical gameplay being unique wait until MS and Sony release their copies of it The Kinect-ion and the Move 'n' Touch.

    I really wish I got to try that Luigi's Mansion game when I demo'd the unit last week, the concept of a hunter/hunted game where the tables can turn seems awesome. Especially as a Party game because those things work great when your all physically around the machine rather than a voice in your ear.

    Oh and Mark a little more volume please your very quiet compared to the other Youtube videos. And yes I'm the idiot who turns it up, makes this post then blows his ear drums out restarting his playlist.

    Fuck yea this is awesome.

    I totally agree local video content is rad, especially when Mark actually makes some really good points and doesn't mess around and provides more insight rather than "here's a game, it's cool".

    More please.

    IMPORTANT:- I got my wii u today, its setting up. I also bought a hive silicon cover to protect the pad from my kids. If you have the deluxe version you cant use the hive silicon cover and charge your gamepad using the charging cradle......It wont push the pins up high enough.

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