What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Playing Halo 4 has been difficult. Very difficult. My pregnant wife just insists on being pregnant. And making me do stuff. I'm currently (at a rough estimate) about halfway through the game. I'm really loving it, but finding time for it has been really tough. Still, if I get a chance to play any games over the weekend it will be Halo 4, because it's awesome.

What are you guys and girls planning to play? I still have a little mini backlog of recent releases I want to knock off. I'm ridiculously close to finishing Dishonored, and I will finish it. Assassin's Creed III? Nah, I think that's officially off the list. I still need to knock off Mark of the Ninja and if I get time over the Christmas break I might get stuck into Trials Evolution DLC.

A lot of games to be played.


    Probably AC:Revelations which I got for free a few weeks ago. Also got Prototype 1+2 which might get a look in this weekend as well.

      Lynx thing? I got in too late and missed out :'(

        Yeah I missed out as well but luckily a friend had some spare codes and gave me one for AC:R. Which was good timing as I had just finished Brotherhood.

    I am playing some kind of survival game called "The Stampede", though I'm not entirely sure why.

    It's some sort of a 5km obstacle course, Mum signed up for it and I kind of figured I had to go along just to witness that happening. Would be nice if the weather could turn around by tomorrow.

    I'm definitely definitely going to finish Borderlands 2 this weekend.

    Unless I don't.

    You think you have no time now, wait until the baby is here! Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Myself, Most Wanted 2.

    Playing I Am Alive, with some Walking Dead and Derrick the Death Fin on the side. Oh, and going through the Death Mode challenges on sound shapes on my Vita :-)


    Started it last Sunday and was instantly hooked. Spent the whole day, I think I am doing fairly well on Normal difficulty and only lost 2 rookies so far. Haven’t gotten a chance to jump in all week so this is gonna be good! :D

    PS. Going to name my soldiers after members of the Dream Team.

    If I have the time I'll be on Halo 4 for sure.
    If ya wanna play some rounds online add me up Mark

    @markserrels I also have the Trials DLC downloaded. This Christmas holidays could be a whole new competition with you and me chasing down @fatshadylive! Especially if you're at home looking after a new baby, that's when I got really good at the original trials.

      I'm thinking this might be an awesome idea. I've had a couple of friends say they got some crazy amount of gaming done when their first kid was born.

      Oh it's ok guys just forget Greenius who's squashed between you two on the leaderboards :'(

        Oh and if Mark over takes me then the hidden advantage must be the first born. I need to have a baby for the extra advantage so I'm not left behind!

        Who are you?

        Nah, the more the merrier!*

        *unless you overtake my scores. Then you can bugger off.

    Playing Halo 4 has been hard for me too because of how underwhelming I found it. I've had no incentive to go back and play it.

    On the othersie, I picked up Black Ops 2 last night and I'm finding the campaign very entertaining. This surprises me the most since I was ready to tear it a new one.

    Still need to finish AC3, and every weekend I'm looking for Gears 3 co-op campaign runs and ODST Firefights.

    DayZ, as always. Maybe a bit of Forza 4

    I'm really not sure. I might try and knock out the next episode of Spartan Ops in Halo 4. Might start a Legendary Solo campaign. I'm not really feeling the urge to play Halo 4 constantly like I was with Halo 3/Reach.

    If I can't compel myself to get into Halo 4 I'll probably try and do some Dishonored, since I've only played about the first hour of it so far. Maybe I'll start a new XCom campaign.

    Skyrim and COD BLOPS 2 whenever my friends have the time.

    XCOM and Torchlight 2

    I've been splitting my time between these two games for a while now. On my 2nd playthrough with Torchlight 2 and will probably finish my first playthrough of XCOM. Both games are consuming my life!

    Halo 4 MP, until I'm getting too much bs, then ill do the latest spartan ops, the 2nd campaign level solo legendary, and if all else fails ill head to BLOPS2 campaign and multi.

    Rinse and repeat until Monday.

    I'm there with you Mark, preggo wife and Halo 4 looking at me every day. So Halo 4... please let me find some more time!

    My usual BL2 session with friends and trying to finish HyperDimension Neptunia and Klonoa: Door To Phantomile. I'm hoping to put some XCOM time in as well. I've also recently got hooked on Towns, so I'll more than likely have that running while I'm doing things over the weekend.

    The Walking Dead, Dishonored, Pokemon White 2 and Okami HD!

    Might play some other things depending on how I'm feeling but those are what I plan to get through. Started The Walking Dead yesterday and finished Episode 1. Holy cow it's good!

    copious amounts of black ops 2 and halo 4 both multi and legendary campaign, anyone interested GT xgenosis

    Maybe WoW...came back yesterday and improved my DPS by 25k. Maybe there was a buff on DK's idk. Maybe Dungeon Defenders...Really cant decide

    Blops2 probably...just need Garnet23 to fix his damn router settings so we dont lag like a mofo when we're in a party.

    Going to give the open GW2 weekend a spin.
    Need to finish BL2 and Mark of the Ninja at some stage too.

    Well after finishing AC3 I've gotten back into Dark Souls, determined to actually finish it this time.

    Though that probably won't last long what with Hitman: Absolution coming out next week.

    Call Of duty Black Ops II
    Need For Speed Most Wanted
    Forza Horizon
    Halo 4
    Medal Of Honor War-fighter/Battlefield 3

    I need a life

    Cramming a little bit of Blerps II in but wont get much time in as i have my sister inlaws engagement party this weekend. Big affair with all the greek family coming form interstate down to melbourne, everyone is staying in the city the night....im a little scared

      hide the plates

        the funny thing is, my sister in law went out and bought the special plates just to keep them happy. My wifes family is half greek, and the sister in laws husband to be's family are all quite traditional greeks, so its gunna be messy :P

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